Heard in the HIMSS Hallway – Accessing Epic Data

In case you’re not following my HIMSS coverage, go over to EMR and HIPAA and check out my HIMSS day 1 coverage.

Although, I heard an amazing thing in the proverbial “hallyway” of HIMSS. As most people know, one of the biggest arguments against Epic was/is that it’s a pain to get the data out of it. I remember hearing someone say (maybe Glen Tullman from Allscripts) that the only EMR vendor not participating in EMR interoperability was Epic.

Yet, I heard someone say today at HIMSS that Epic has 750 people working on interoperability now. My mouth dropped at that number. They hadn’t heard it from Epic, so maybe it’s not the right number. However, the idea that Epic’s putting significant resources into freeing the data in their systems is a great thing. I hope it turns out to be true.

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John Lynn

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  • Based on what I read Epic has around 4000 employees. If this were true they would be putting 19% of resource toward interoperability! I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

    Thanks for the great coverage!

  • Things heard “in the halls of” or stated by competitors are usually to be taken with a grain of salt.

    On the “not participating in interoperability” lie, you can check out Epic’s test results from various years of the IHE North American Connectathon at http://connectathon-results.ihe-europe.net/ to see what IHE profiles have been successfully tested by Epic.

    Similarly, the number of people working on interoperability at Epic is likely far from 750…

  • Definitely take everything with a “grain of salt” but here’s a few comments:

    -This wasn’t heard from a competitor. It was someone who doesn’t care either way.
    -The comment about Epic not participating in interoperability was a while ago. Maybe things have changed from that end. Although, I’ve heard too many smaller EHR vendors who want to inter operate with Epic and can’t. Of course, their participation in IHE together with the above rumor means things are changing for Epic. That’s really great news!
    -750 definitely felt high to me. I’d be impressed with 75.

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