Breakthrough in Secure Mobile Device Access Using a Universal Corporate Identity

PLEASANTON, Calif., February 17, 2011 — idOnDemand, the pioneers in smart identification, introduces the world’s first “clientless” One-Time Password (OTP) mobility solution using a contactless smart identity card. The idOnDemand SmartID mobile technology revolutionizes corporate VPN and information access from mobile devices. Using its patent pending technology, users simply touch their idOnDemand Personal Identity Verification (PIV) compatible corporate ID to facilitate a highly secure login from their tablet computer, smart phone or hand-held mobile phone.

With this groundbreaking extension to idOnDemand’s managed identity service, customers can use one identity card for building access, computer access, cloud security and now compatible mobile devices. This solution replaces the need to carry expiring hardware OTP tokens with hard to read LCD screens or install and manage soft token clients on personal and corporate mobile devices.

“With the increase in workforce mobility, organizations are being caught off guard by the use of personal tablet computers and smart phones within the corporate environment. Personal devices are being used to store or interact with sensitive systems and data, often only protected by a username or password,” said Jason Hart, Chief Executive Officer at idOnDemand. “We are at the forefront of innovation by bringing to market a solution that securely authenticates to corporate or cloud resources without the need for a client or custom application to be installed on personal mobile devices. By simply touching your corporate identity card on your device and entering your pin you can gain secure access to resources from any compatible mobile device.”

idOnDemand SmartIDs can be used with any OATH compliant authentication server or managed authentication service. Unlike other mobile solutions such as SMS or soft tokens, the idOnDemand solution works out of the box on a new compatible device, eliminating the need for software to be installed. Additionally, users do not depend on network availability or text fees. The idOnDemand SmartID mobile feature can redirect the user to a predefined URL after presenting their card to the phone where they securely authenticate to applications, cloud resources like Google apps, and other corporate websites.

“Leveraging industry standards like OATH gives customers choice and flexibility,” said Donald Malloy, chair of the Marketing Committee for OATH. “We are pleased that idOnDemand selected OATH as the backbone of their One-Time Password strategy.”

The idOnDemand SmartID mobile functionality is unique because all personal information related to the individual, and the logic that drives the behavior, is on the PIV compatible smart card and not the mobile device. Organizations no longer have to provision and manage mobile software clients in the traditional sense because there is no software to install. All of the management is done through policy and secure issuance of the corporate credential, enabling enterprises to embrace a single secure identity no matter how their people access corporate information.

The idOnDemand SmartID mobile feature is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This solution allows customers to deploy one infrastructure that supports both PIV x.509 certificate authentication and OTP authentication when certificates are not practical.

The idOnDemand SmartID mobile feature is now available as part of the idOnDemand managed identity service and completes the idOnDemand vision of having one secure identity for buildings, computers, in the cloud and on the go.

About idOnDemand
idOnDemand delivers a standards based, single trusted identity and smart card solution. Using the idOnDemand managed service, organizations can quickly, easily and cost effectively grant trusted access for employees, customers and partners to information and assets such as IT systems, remote access, data encryption, secure email, building access and mobile authentication. Authorized users no longer need to carry multiple tokens, ID cards, building access cards or remember multiple passwords.

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