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The other night I was thinking (I tried not to hurt myself in the process) about the various EMR voices that are found online. There’s a number of really interesting people that need to be heard more than they are now. Tomorrow I’m going to have a post that talks about my efforts to help give more exposure to some of these voices, but one thing I realized yesterday was that the doctors that love their EMR aren’t generally found online.

It makes sense why many of the doctors who love their EMR don’t come online to discuss their EMR. They don’t really care. They’re happy with what they have and so they’re not online looking to find an EMR or to complain about the EMR that they have. I guess part of it might be that the EMR has become natural and so they don’t likely think to learn or share their experience with EMR.

It’s hard to blame these doctors from not participating with the discussion and make their voices. No doubt other doctors would be the beneficiary of these successful EMR doctors experiences more than the doctors who share their experiences. However, what that does is it slants the online EMR conversation to those who are looking for an EMR (and so they don’t have the experience to share) and those who are frustrated with their EMR and are looking for a place to either: complain, get answers and fixes or both.

We can certainly learn a lot from all of these groups of people, but its important to recognize where a person comes from when they’re making their comments. I love when someone says that they’re unbiased. Whether we like it or not, we’re all biased. Some more than others, but our personal experiences influence the way we think and act.

For example, I come from a generally pro-EMR perspective since I’ve seen first hand the benefits of great EMR implementations. Plus, I’m generally pro-IT and the benefits of technology in your life. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t understand the challenges associated with implementing an EMR. I also understand why some organizations shouldn’t implement an EMR yet. If you don’t have the organizational buy-in to put forth the effort to properly select and implement an EMR, then don’t do it. You’ll save your company and the EMR company a lot of heartache by just waiting.

Either way, I wish that more of those doctors who have an EMR and love it would make their voices heard online. That’s why I’m excited to be working with Dr. West on a blog he named the Happy EMR Doctor. Happy doesn’t mean that Dr. West doesn’t have things he wishes his EMR would do better. In fact, he wrote a post about “What I still can’t do on my EMR.” However, Dr. West is generally happy to have an EMR and I believe he’s going to help a lot of people by sharing his experience using it.

I’m especially excited to hear him talk about his first failed experience implementing an EMR (I guess he was the Unhappy EMR Doctor then). Hearing what he did different the second time will be interesting, informative and hopefully help others avoid his mistakes. I’m glad to be working with him to bring out another independent EMR voice. I guess you can call me the Happy EMR Blogger.

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John Lynn

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