Bluespier Seeks Sales Partner at HIMSS for Collaboration in US Market

Visit the Bluespier stand at HIMSS11 in booth 4243

20 February 2011 – Bluespier, the UK clinical system and administration specialist, is today announcing its intention to partner with complementary systems suppliers to create a solution for the US market.

Bluespier has selected HIMSS to begin its search, the US’ premier healthcare technology show.

With a growing market share in the UK, Bluespier managing director Susan Williams, feels that the time is right to explore opportunities in the US.  She explains, “We have a very strong electronic medical record offering. Our clinically rich data capture system has huge clinical support not just as an administration tool but also as a research and audit tool.   We believe that, in tandem with a US systems supplier, Bluespier can add value which doesn’t currently feature in the US market.”

The current business opportunity is perceived by Bluespier to be significant with over 700,000 providers needing to capture data, provide clinical reporting and be able to recoup funds from state providers, insurance companies and patients. In addition, the US government is incentivising health care providers to have more accurate, complete and electronically exchangeable patient records, which in turn will improve patient outcomes.

Bluespier believes the partnership presents the opportunity to affect an increase in billing and revenues and offer process efficiencies through the automatic provision of detailed clinical activity data.

Susan Williams continues, “Doctors often miss charging opportunities due to lack of detailed clinical activity records and also under charge because they do not have an easily traceable record of everything they have done. The risks associated with charging for activity they cannot evidence exposes them to fraud and it’s just too big a price to pay.  The Bluespier process makes it simple to record clinical data and show a complete audit trail of treatment, with little or no extra effort to a doctor’s usual work routine. This ensures the doctor is fully and fairly reimbursed and is compliant with regulations that in turn dictate reimbursement levels.”

Bluespier is inviting organisations who may be interested in forming a relationship to visit the Bluespier stand at HIMSS11 in booth 4243, or alternatively call Susan Williams on +44 7766 148 321.

About Bluespier

Bluespier balances the needs of clinicians and administrators, providing complete patient information when and where it’s needed.  This enables clinicians to spend more time providing an excellent patient experience and administrators greater control of resources.

This clinical information system is used throughout the patient pathway, capturing the relevant information from initial referral to discharge and at every stage in between.  This ensures that each clinical record contains accurate, real time information that can be accessed instantly and extracted to provide relevant reports when necessary/required.

Bluespier works with a variety of hospitals, and specialist private practices and clinics across the UK & Ireland, South Africa and Australia. For further information visit: