Boston Life Labs to Present its Telehealth Platform Ready to Bundle with Any EHR or PHR

Boston Life Labs
Boston, February 14, 2011
Boston Life Labs, a global leading provider of telehealth solutions, will showcase remote monitoring and disease management Telehealth solutions integrated in its data platform at the HIMSS 11 in Orlando, Florida from February 21-24, Booth #4100. This advanced platform and system can be integrated directly into any EHR/PHR software.

“Every healthcare stakeholder is aware of the economic issues implied by the spectacular increase of chronic disease worldwide. We need to find a way to reduce healthcare costs while improving patient quality of care. Many studies have already shown that telehealth is part of the solution, we now need the collaborative interaction of many different healthcare providers, industries, organizations, governments and regulators to succeed” says Richard Binier, Boston Life Labs CEO. “By developing an inexpensive, robust and plug-and-play home Telehealth platform ready to integrate any EHR/PHR software, Boston Life Labs is innovating and moving in that direction.”

Patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes, CHF, COPD, etc… take their own vital sign at home using high tech, robust and inexpensive wireless sensors. Clinicians then monitor patient data such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels on a daily basis through a secure EHR secured platform, This new Healthtunes platform presented by Boston life Labs at HIMSS 11 is an innovative health data exchange platform which manages patient telehealth data. It enables open and secure communication with any EHR/PHR software using industry standards (HL7).

Disease Management programs can be remotely run by sending short health assessments surveys, education content on managing chronic condition, medication reminders… through a Touchscreen Bluetooth Tablet, the Home HealthPad. With video capabilities, an interactive nurse can communicate with the patient at home through the Home HealthPad.

Boston Life Labs’ end-to-end Telehealth platform is available in English, Spanish and French.

About Boston Life Labs

Boston Life Labs is a healthcare technology company dedicated to research and development of Telehealth Systems, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Its team of engineers and healthcare professionals are driving innovation in the telehealth services market. The company’s vision is to provide robust, affordable, wireless and plug-and-play telehealth solutions around the world.