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Well, as my first post on Smart Phone Health Care, I figured it would be appropriate to look at my current favorite type of cell phone: Android (or Droid if you prefer). Plus, since my blogging origins are in EMR, then it seems fitting to put EMR and Android apps together. Not to mention, the good people at EMR Daily News already did a post looking at the EMR Android apps that are available.

Between the two categories there are five products listed that offer some value and all of the products are currently free.
drchron EMR/EHR (for use with the full drchrono EHR platform) $Free
Allscripts Remote for Android (for use with Allscripts EHR systems) $Free
EMR-Bear Mobile (for use with EMR-Bear EMR) $Free
SmartEMR Mobile (promotional feature for SmartEMR account holders) $Free
OncoEMR (smartphone front-end for Altos OncoEMR EMR system) $Free

So, yes there are 5 Android apps on the Android marketplace that are EMR. Of course it makes sense that they’d all be free. No one would really even download these apps if they hadn’t already paid these vendors (or are paying if it’s a SaaS based EHR) a bunch of money.

The only problem for us is that I can’t really test any of these apps. I guess I better reach out to Dr Chron, Allscripts, EMR-Bear (really?), Smart EMR or OncoEMR to see about testing their application. Or even better would be to hear from doctors using these EMR software that could give us a review we could share with the world.

Either way, I’m really glad to see that Android EMR apps are being adopted. Even if it’s just checking your schedule, reading your lab results, and signing off charts. That’s a good step in the right direction and the perfect use of a phone with EMR.

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