Nephrologists (Dialysis Centers) and EMR Stimulus Money

I often get questions from readers of my sites and I often don’t know the answer. So, instead of acting like I know the answer, I like to put it out to my readers to see what they have to say about the topic. This is one of those cases. Here’s the question I got about Nephrologists and Dialysis Centers and EMR stimulus money.

I am interested in finding out how dialysis centers qualify for the EHR incentive money and best practices for Nephrologists, NPs, and/or PAs running dialysis centers for attestation.

This is an area I’m not that familiar with. So, if you know more than I (which many of you do), let us know your thoughts in the comments. I’ll update the post if needed too.

My only general thought is that it wouldn’t seem like I’ve seen an exception that would exclude nephrologists so I assume they could be considered an “eligible provider.” I also imagine that they probably have a large number of Medicare patients so that they can easily meet the Medicare reimbursement requirements and they might even meet the Medicaid requirements.

I guess the real question might be whether nephrologists and dialysis centers use a “certified EHR” or not. If not, then they’re likely up a creek. If they do, then my next question is whether or not it’s worth their time to ask their patients if their smokers (amongst other meaningful use requirements) every time they come for a visit.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

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  • I would think that an MD that bills medicare would be eligible. NP and PA’s? I’d say no.

    Which brings me to one of my customers with a similar issue. The run a Cyberknife unit for Cancer treatment. While DR’s are present for treatment, none are exclusive to the facility (the Dr’s are applying for funds via their respective practice). How can the facility qualify? I assume they can not. Doctors can not double dip, even though they practice at multiple facilities…or can they?


  • Charles,
    I’m not an expert on Medicare reimbursement, but I assume they practice under the same provider number regardless of office? Or when they’re at the facility do they practice under a facility medicare number like they do in long term care? If they use the same number both places, then they can probably use it as their Medicare allowable charges, but couldn’t qualify for twice as much incentive money.

    Either way, the incentive number is based on Medicare provider number. The NPs and PA’s can qualify for some stimulus money depending on if it’s Medicare or Medicaid.

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