iPad in Health Care

Last month Information Week reported on a study by HIMSS of iPad use in health care.

Data showed that nearly 70% of the attendees were from hospitals or healthcare organizations with more than 1,500 employees, and 15% of attendees were executive-level staff or physicians.

More than 25% of the HIMSS respondents plan to deploy the iPad and other iOS devices immediately and nearly 70% plan to deploy the devices within the next year.

I must admit that I have been amazed at the uptake and power of the iPad. After attending the CES conference in Las Vegas last week, you can see a whole slew of iPad copy cat’s that are working to provide the same benefits of the iPad. There’s no doubt that health care will be a major user of this type of device.

The information week article does point out the two biggest challenges with the iPad in health care:

Nearly 75% identified secure configuration and deployment as the number one iPad IT management challenge, and 53% identified mobile application deployment as a key issue.

Security is definitely an important concern that will be ongoing, but is definitely manageable. Then, it’s just getting software vendors to actually leverage an iPad device and it’s unique interface as opposed to just porting their current interface to the iPad. This will take some time.

Now I just need to find a way to get me an iPad. I bet they’ll have a bunch of free iPad giveaways at HIMSS. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

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John Lynn

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  • Mitochon Systems understands the need for providers’ access to data in many environments and announced the following in December 2010: December 2, 2010
    Mitochon Systems, a provider of free certified EMR systems and connectivity solutions for physicians, will soon announce its mobile device strategy for use of its electronic medical record system across IPhone, IPad and Android platforms. At this point in time, since the company’s EMR platform is not Adobe Flash based, it’s EMR has 100% functionality on widely used mobile devices. The company plans to use this high level of functionality as a launching point for its mobile strategy to offer a series of features designed for the physician who wishes to practice medicine wherever and whenever he chooses. This announcement comes in the wake of its closest free EMR competitor, Practice Fusion, failing to operate properly due to insufficient rendering on mobile devices, including the widely used IPad from Apple

  • Patricia,
    I’m sure many doctors will like that you’re using the iPad. Although, I’m not sure where you got your information about Practice Fusion not working on the iPad. I saw it working on it myself. They do use a third party and there is an added expense to use Practice Fusion on the iPad (they have the same flash problem as you). What other issues have you heard about them on the iPad?

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