Accenture and Plexis Expand Medicaid Footprint with Joint Public Health Solution

Joint Offering Streamlines, Reduce Costs of Medicaid Systems

Reston, VA U.S. (January 11, 2011) – Accenture and Plexis launched a joint solution to optimize the efficiency, cost, and reliability of Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). Building on a commercial off-the-shelf model, Accenture’s Public Health Platform (APHP) introduces a new industry MMIS option to enable states to better adapt to the evolving Medicaid landscape.

Accenture Public Health Platform is a fully configurable, MMIS solution with the ability to quickly implement and adapt to evolving state Medicaid management needs. The platform leverages Accenture’s robust system integration, project management and software development capabilities, combined with Plexis software to create a faster implementation model, with fewer costly change orders and reduced risk of a failed go-live.

APHP is modeled after Accenture’s proven approach to deployment of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions in public service and commercial environments.  Designed to enhance administrative efficiency, improve health outcomes and drive cost out of public service health programs, APHP is the foundation to a comprehensive approach to public service health program administration.

“Accenture is committed to transforming health administration, to focus in improving the health and wellness of the citizens supported by our public sector customers,” said Christopher Deelsnyder, Director of Government Health Solutions, Accenture Health Practice.

“Economic challenges, technology standard changes, and health reform continue to drive states to modernize Medicaid systems ever more quickly, and many agencies have struggled to keep up.” said Jorge Yant, CEO of Plexis. “This advanced solution will reduce the amount of effort required to successfully administer programs allowing agencies to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by focusing their resources more closely on delivering quality patient care.”

The APHP leverages Plexis’ Quantum Choice Software, a leading provider of automated health claims processing software in both commercial and public healthcare environments, built to be deployed more quickly, and with greater configurability than othersystems can offer.  This allows agencies to meet the requirements of an MMIS—with greater ease, reduced risk and lower total cost of ownership.

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