What are the Benefits of EMR?

I’ve always loved the discussion on benefits of an EMR. There are a lot of interesting possibilities. It’s certainly a hard thing to measure since you’re often comparing apples and organes, but there’s certainly some interesting possible benefits. Looks like the video got most of my list of EMR benefits. Enjoy!

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John Lynn

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  • Hi John – Just a heads up; one of the insurance companies approached us to understand EHR and adaptation of EHR better; this insurance company does sell mal practice insurance and its a key product offering; their business unit wanted to understand adaptation of EHR better so that their actuarians can price the product based on EHR adoption and how it changes (positively – that’s the general opinion) the clinic’s practices. Their general idea is that adoption of EHR will lead to lowering of cost of mal-practice insurance; and they are trying to come up with the numbers to back it up.
    This is a subject not addressed yet; but you may want to, at some point.
    Happy New Year.

  • Anthony,
    I like this topic. I think it’s really interesting. I wonder how detailed they get when it comes to evaluating a specific EHR implementation. For example, I could say I use XYZ EMR vendor, but I might only use half of the features. I guess this is where a “meaningful use” like baseline could be interesting.

    Seems like you could also adjust the malpractice insurance rate based on which EMR vendor a person implemented.

    Yep, lots of interesting topics to be covered here.

  • Thnaks John; I guess a starting point what these guys were looking for is the implementation and use of EHR. And then probably that will lead to the usage of EHR and the meaningful manner it needs to be used. They understood that the base use of EHR might reduce the risks and how to price the reduced risks in their product pricing???

    Yes; I was surprised by this interest from insurance companies. From what I discussed, it will affect the cost of mal-practice in positive manner.

    And these insurance companies understand that its going to be baby steps and they are aware that the full use of EHR is probably 3 to 5 years away.

    Another topic for you to ponder…………

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