The Pros and Cons of Server-Based EMR Systems

This is a short little video that looks at the pros and cons of Server-Based EMR Systems. It gives a pretty good short summary of the pros and cons. One pro is they say that server based EMR systems are faster than SaaS (web) based EMR systems. I think this is becoming less and less of an issue. Both the SaaS EMR systems themselves have become highly optimized and our network connections are much faster. This isn’t a comprehensive list of pros and cons, but it’s a good starting place for those who don’t know much about server based EMR versus hosted or web based EMR.

You might also look at this free e-Book on EMR selection which has a section which talks about server based EMR versus web based EMR.

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John Lynn

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  • These short videos are an excellent way for a doctor to get a feel for both types of systems however I would disagree with the fact that long term the cost reduces for hosted server based systems. Given the employee cost to maintain, update and manage servers the cost, in my past experience, has not reduced. Servers today are often on a three year replacement.

    Looking at web based this cost is born by the host and not the doctor and in the case of Mitochon Systems there is not even a cost for the HIE/EMR/PHR or for the training.

    Once you have viewed the videos on the pros and cons check out and request a demo. Well worth the time.

  • Mitochon,
    I think you can make a good case that either one good be cheaper long term. Depends on a lot of factors and so it’s tough to really paint it in such a broad stroke.

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