Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I just finished our family tradition of a Christmas Eve mini dinner. My wife executed it to perfection. It was absolutely fantastic. We somehow got the kids in bed despite their excitement over the visit from Santa Clause. Shortly, I’ll go and eat the cookies and drink the milk the kids left out for Santa (man I love being Santa). I’ll leave the reindeer’s carrots for my wife.

This Christmas shopping season has been interesting for me. I see and hear so many people talk about the stress of shopping for Christmas. So many people want to “get it over” and get all worked up doing the Christmas shopping. Personally, I decided to forget all of those people who try to give the impression that Christmas shopping is a terrible experience and just enjoy it. Turns out, I love the experience of Christmas shopping.

Many people say that they hate the crowds. I love the bustle of people every where. Some people hate the cheesy Christmas music. I think the music makes for a great atmosphere. Some people hate that they don’t have enough money. I love the opportunity to teach my children that it’s not about the money. Plus, it’s fun to be creative within a budget. Some people hate “having” to take around treats to their friends and neighbors. I love the chance to go and see people that I love and care about.

Needless to say it’s been a magical Christmas season for me!

I can’t help but wonder if there’s not an analogy here for those implementing an EMR. Basically, if you want excuses not to implement or enjoy an EMR, you’ll find it. If you look for ways to implement an EMR and enjoy its benefits, you’ll find those too. I’m not suggesting you rush into anything, but you can choose to enjoy the EMR selection and implementation process and it will make a huge difference.

I realize that many of the readers of this site don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’ve never been offended when someone told me Happy Hanukkah and I don’t celebrate it. So, I hope that people can join me in the spirit of giving and caring that’s associated with Christmas.

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  • Thank you………. used to be politically right and used to greet friends with ‘Happy Holidays’ wishes; lately I have taken to wishing everyone Merry Christmas and forget being right for this time of the year.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  • Anthony,
    That’s generally been my approach as well. Those who would be offended by it probably don’t want to read a lot of the other stuff I write too since it might offend them as well. I like to think that readers of EMR and HIPAA think at a much higher level and aren’t offended easily.

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