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I’d been meaning to do a post thanking all of the wonderful advertisers on EMR and EHR for a while now. I knew it had been a while. I checked today and I hadn’t really thanked my advertisers on this site since February just before HIMSS. How ironic that just yesterday I purchased my plane ticket and hotel for HIMSS in Orlando (BTW, I hope to meet many of you at HIMSS).

It seems fitting then on this Christmas Eve to thank all of my EMR and EHR advertisers for making 2010 a wonderful year for the site. In that regard, I’ll go through each advertiser and add a few comments about each. Feel free to click through to the following EMR and HIPAA sponsors and take a look at what they have to offer. They do after all keep the lights on here at EMR and EHR.

MD-IT – MD-IT has been an advertiser for a good while on both this site and EMR and EHR. I also had a great chance to meet Robin from MD-IT at HIMSS last year and it was a real pleasure. She’s a dynamic individual with a fantastic energy about her. I think that’s also reflected in MD-IT the company. Take a look at their EMR offering (especially if you’re a doctor who wants to still use transcription with their EMR).

Practice Fusion – The first Free EMR that I found. I’ve often called them the most Web 2.0 EMR company that I found. I say that from a technology perspective, but also from a company culture and marketing approach as well. It’s pretty much a no brainer decision to try out Practice Fusion if you’re looking at EMR software (or see my Practice Fusion EMR review). It’s free to sign up and you can test drive the product all you want. The best way to truly demo an EMR software is to use it.

Ambir – Ambir has a bunch of scanner solutions for healthcare. For some reason, they’re one of the only health care IT device companies that’s advertised on EMR and EHR. Not sure exactly why, because Ambir’s been advertising on here and EMR and HIPAA for a long time. Check out their duplex professional grade ID card scanner. Perfect for front desk scanning. If you’ve ever used a cheap scanner, you know why you need one that’s professional grade. Otherwise, you’ll be buying a new one a few months later.

Sfax – I’ve been happy to have Sfax advertising on both of my EMR sites for a long time. I recently did a review of Sfax’s secure fax service. Let’s just say that I was really pleasantly surprised by Sfax’s secure fax implementation. As I said in that post, “If I was an EMR vendor and didn’t have an integrated faxing service yet, I’d be on the phone to Sfax to talk about leveraging their API so I could worry about other EMR features.”

MxSecure – Another long term advertiser on both EMR sites. MxSecure has a nice transcription business, but has also launched an EMR software for small practices. Obviously, with a transcription background, they work to integrate EMR, Transcription and Speech Recognition into the EMR experience.

MDCare – An ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 EMR vendor that is handwriting enabled. They’re a web based EMR which many of my readers really like. They’re surescripts certified as well. They offer practice specific customizations for an affordable price. Plus, the feature that I like most is that you can try it for free. Nothing like a hands on test drive.

SOAPware – One of the oldest EMR software that I know of. They’ve been doing EMR software for a long time. This year they finally added a true integrated PM software to their EMR offering. A smart move since almost every practice wants the PMS and EMR from one company (one neck to ring). Dr. Randall Oates that started SOAPware is one of the most sincere and thoughtful individuals I’ve met in the EMR world. It’s no wonder that SOAPware has done so well.

Enterprise Software Deployment (ESD) – ESD is an EHR consulting company. Over 90% of their consultants come from a clinical background. The other 10% have IT experience in healthcare settings with Allscripts, Cerner, Eclipsys, Epic, McKesson, Meditech and Seimens EHR systems. So, if you’re looking for some consulting help, take a look at what they have to offer. Not to mention if you have experience with these systems and are looking for a job, check out their website for the EMR job opportunities they have available.

Thanks to all of these advertisers. It’s amazing to go through the list and see how many of the advertisers have been advertising for so long. Makes me feel good to know that they’ve seen value from advertising and continue to renew their ads.

If you’re interested in advertising, you can find more details on our EMR and EHR advertising page. You can also check out similar advertising opportunities on our EMR and HIPAA advertising page.

Thanks to all!! I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday season!

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