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A day or two ago I came across an article talking about a new company ready to enter the EMR software market. Ok, technically they call themselves an EHR, but you get the point. The new EMR company is called iPractice.

From what I read, it looks like they’re planning to launch their EHR product in January of 2011. It’s just absolutely amazing to me how many companies are launching their own EHR product. Check out this crazy long list of EHR Vendors (close to 400 I believe) that I posted back in early 2006. Yet, we still get more and more companies entering the market to crack the EHR nut.

I wish iPractice the best of luck. Their website is basically a boiler plate Joomla template with some basic information. I can’t fault them too much for their website since they should be focusing their time and effort on creating a killer EHR product. I just wonder how they’re going to set themselves apart above the fray of EMR companies that are out there.

Of course, it’s hard to hold down the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m not complaining about the new entrant. It’s one more company that can advertise on EMR and EHR. I just feel bad for the doctors that have to sift through all the EMR choices.

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  • I saw news about (and a web link) this group several months ago. Nothing on their website has changed since then. Nothing.

    The way I read the sparse info on their website is that they intend to be a sort of “VAR”/”integrator” of custom-selected others’ HIT products. The bios of their Principals don’t speak to any kind of in-house HIT development experience or accomplishments.

    I don’t find this kind of redundant vagueness all that reassuring, btw:

    Looks like a group of people fishing for investors to try to get a piece of the new HIT bubble. Dunno.

    Time will tell.

  • Bobby,
    It could be a var, but the article I read on them definitely sounded like they were developing an EMR as well. I could be wrong in that regard. Hopefully I am. It makes me wonder how big a var could grow for EMR. Hmm…

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