Top EMR Ads and EMR (Epic) Jobs

I’m pretty pumped right now since this weekend is probably the best weekend (traffic wise) that EMR and HIPAA has ever had. I’m not sure the difference, but thanks to all of you who have been reading over the weekend. The weekend is usually pretty dead around EMR and HIPAA and so it’s awesome to get some great traffic to the site on the weekend. Plus, I just checked and it’s pretty cool that EMR and HIPAA (this site) just passed 3.5 million pageviews and EMR and EHR just passed half a Million. Not bad.

Top EMR and HIPAA Ads
Tomorrow or the next day I’m planning to send out the details on the top ads on EMR and HIPAA. As I did 6 months ago, I’ll be opening up the bidding for the top 2 ads on the site. So many people have been interested in the top ads that I figured it was the only fair way to approach it.

If you’re interested in the top ad spots on EMR and HIPAA, let me know on the EMR and HIPAA contact us page or comment below and I’ll copy you in on the email I send out with all the details. Current advertisers don’t need to message me since I’ll be emailing them already.

I’m also really close to launching my previous mentioned Deluxe Advertising Package. I don’t quite have all the details but I’m close. If you want to be the first to sign up for it, you’d likely be in a good position to get one of the top EMR ad spots.

New EMR Projects
I’m also close to announcing some exciting news about some new EMR projects I’m working on. I think it will be some great stuff that people who read this site are going to love. More on that once I finalize some of the details.

EMR Jobs
All we hear about on the news these days seems to be about the bad economy and all the people that are unemployed. So, I’m always really happy to see the jobs posted on the EMR and EHR job board. For example, there was one recently posted for 4 Full time Epic Application Specialists. The cool part about the job listing is that they’ll even cover the cost for a person’s EPIC training and certification. If you’d like to work in hospital healthcare IT working on EPIC, take a look.

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