Is this EMR Uncoventional?

In a new series of posts (or maybe this will be the only one…we’ll see), I ask the question, Is this a conventional EMR or not?

This question comes from my post about Unconventional EMR software and the responses I receive. Now it’s up to you to look over the description I got of an EMR software and decide if it’s unconventional or not. I have a feeling the comments on this post are going to be very interesting.

First up is the BennPen EMR software by Bennethum Computer Systems.

BennPen sent me the following major advantages to their EMR software:

There are many Electronic Medical Records programs on the market. Ours is different because:
– BennPen is much simpler and easier to use than other EMR programs. Our goal in developing
BennPen was usability. A major reason why many Doctors are not using EMR is that most EMR
Programs are difficult and time consuming to use.
– BennPen is customized for each Doctor whereas other programs are not. This means BennPen
can be used for any specialty. BennPen is less expensive than other EMR programs initially and
ongoing because we do not charge an annual maintenance fee.
– BennPen has a 60 day free trial. To fill out your templates and letters you can use voice, drop
down lists, or a combination of both. A choice of an item on a drop-down list can automatically
bring up another list of items pertaining to that choice. A Medicare approved RX module is
– E-mailing of patient chart information to other Doctors and/or to patients. Insurance
verification can be done thru BennPen. BennPen has a recall system.
– The BennPen data-base is stored on the server in your office. You have more control over your
data compared to a web-based program. There is no worry about the internet communication
going down. You do not need to purchase a separate server for EMR.

I then sent them this response to really have them try and make a case for their EMR being unconventional and to be able to get information on whether it’s unconventional or not:

I think that a few of your major advantages could be differentiators, but it seems like some of the things need more proof. Otherwise, it just sounds like marketing hype.

For example, it’s one thing to say that your EMR is “much simpler and easier to use than other EMR programs.” The question is, how can I know that this is the case? Do you have some examples that illustrate how it’s much easier and simpler? Do you have some doctors who have been on other EMR software that can support the claim?

Creating a customized EMR for a doctor is another example. If all you do is add in 5 or so customized template, that’s not really a differentiator. Now, if your EMR is modeled so that every step in the process is customized for the doctor to meet their practice needs and you have a couple examples of 2 doctors with drastically different work flows. Then, we’re talking.

Do you see what I’m trying to say? Maybe you really do have an unconventional EMR, but you really need to make the case for me (and my readers) to believe. I’d love to see the case made.

I then got the following response to my comments.

Thank you for reviewing our information. I’ll try to respond to your questions.

EASE OF USE: The fewer the screens the easier a program is to use. There are 8 descreet screens in BennPen but a Doctor would only need 5 screens to do his/her charting. I would think that a Doctor would have his staff do things like set up recalls, check eligability, etc. I have seen Doctors use other EMR’s and there appears to be a lot more screens used. Our screen have been designed to be uncrowded and easy to use. The EMRs I’ve seen have crowed screens.It takes me only 15 or 20 minutes to completly demonstrate BennPen. My guess is that other EMR demos would run alot longer than that.

CUSTOMIZATION: We put into our program the templates, forms, letters that the Doctor currently uses now. He or she then does electronic charting with the same forms they are used to using with voice and drop-downs. Among other things this means we can offer our program for any specialty.

Our program is much less costly than many others – $3,000 and no annual fees. If you would be interested I’d be happy to send you a demo of BennPen. If you’d like to speak with me our number is 800-982-2623.

So, I ask you…

Is This EMR Unconventional?

UPDATE: In the comments and online I was asked to get some screenshots of this EMR for people to evaluate. I got the following message and screenshots for people to see. Just click on the image to see a larger version.
There are 6 of these, one more than I previously said. I decided to include the screen for sending patient chart notes to another provider because the Doctor can send only selected notes that he/she desires rather than all medical history and that would be the Doctor’s decision rather than a staff member. There are other screens for printing reports, checking eligibility, setting recall appointments, etc. which functions I believe the staff would do.

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