Let’s Meet For A Drink and Talk About The Job….

Let’s meet for a drink and talk about the job. Sounds tempting. Very tempting. Don’t even think about it. Nope – never. I have talked about this subject for years and my position has never changed. If you are hired and want to have a beer with your boss and/or co-workers after you’ve already been hired – no problem (for most). During an interview it’s just too risky.  Wouldn’t be prudent. Why take the risk?

Some of us are wired differently than others and having a beer or a glass of wine over dinner can (and often does) lead to another beer and (well) you get the picture. Some of us get too loose just after one drink and pretty soon you say something you wish you could take back – but it’s usually too late. Loose lips sink ships – always has and always will. You could say something and convey a message about yourself that could change the deal entirely. I know hiring managers that use this (exact) scenario as a test during the pre-offer dinner just to see how the candidate will react. Don’t fall into that trap.

Asking you to have a beer and watching you drink it too fast (slam it) or God forbid get a little tipsy and all of the sudden your future boss is calling a cab for you right after deciding that you are not the right person for their organization. All because you made a stupid decision and showed your true colors by consuming (too much) alcohol and making a fool out of yourself before an offer can be made. Stand down. Talk about knuckle-headed moves… C’mon people. Use your brain here.

Alcohol use during an interview is never a good idea. If you are ever tempted just order a Diet Coke, Iced Tea, Water w/ a lemon- anything that keeps you in the game. Club Soda w/ a twist if you want to be vogue or sound cool – just no booze. If they persist – just let them know you are all set. Just say no. Take this piece of advice and you you will be glad you did.

Dean Wormer had it right – drunk, dumb and stupid is no way to go thru life. That includes drinking alcohol during an interview. Save that for the Christmas or Holiday Party – again, just don’t overdue it please… That’s a whole different issue. Don’t go there.

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Tim Tolan

Tim Tolan is the Senior Partner of the Healthcare IT and Services Practice of Sanford Rose Associates. He has conducted searches for CEOs, presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents of business development, product development and sales. Tim is also the co-author of "The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition – Finding Talent Your Competitors Overlook," available on Amazon.