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You know how I love to keep track of all the iPad EMR that are announced or marketed. Seems like the latest trend is to give the doctor a free iPad for selecting an iPad EMR. Not a bad strategy. Now if I could just get one of them to provide me a free iPad for reviewing their EMR *wink* *wink* but I digress.

I first read about this EMR that is available on the iPad on the Essinova site. This iPad EMR is being offered by Dr Chrono. Yes, another EMR vendor I’d never heard of before I saw this. Although, there site has them being on CNBC, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr Chrono’s approach is to provide a free iPad EMR app, but they take over the billing for you. Sounds a bit like Athena to me. They also say that they’re the only SureScripts certified ePrescribing app for the iPad. Maybe this was true when the video was made. I know that now there are others.

I guess maybe the next question is whether there’s an EMR vendor that won’t have something available on the iPad in the next 6 months.

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John Lynn

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  • John,
    It seems that the Essinova site is really Practice Fusion EMR software. They have been around for 1-2 years now and I was involved in their beta testing. They are a free – open source site, they are now fully certified for meaningful use and do provide ePrescription. But they have some minor flaws – actually quite a few. Moving from their web-based software to an iPad system is not such a newsworthy deal. All one has to do is make the code adjustment so that the software can be adequately displayed on the new screen size, other than rewrite it in Objective C. Same goes for building it in Android. It is the structure, concept, flow and GUI that will be the ultimate factor of acceptance and integration. And yet so many people and industry leaders are missing this idea. Odd.

  • Shai,
    Why do you think that the Essinova site is really Practice Fusion? Doesn’t look like it to me. Looks like they did some interviews of Practice Fusion. It was likely at Health 2.0. Although, there’s a ton of other content that I’m pretty sure wasn’t created by Practice Fusion. Especially promoting a competitor’s EMR company.

    Actually, shortly I’ll be writing about Practice Fusion’s move to the iPad. Turns out they used an external company to be able to bring their Flash based EMR to the iPad.

  • We are not trying to just make an EMR, but a platform for easier physician workflow. The full potential of the iPad has not been reached as of yet! Contact Chris ( from our team, we would love to talk sometime and give you some more info about what we are doing.

    Daniel, co-founder of DrChrono

  • Isn’t an EMR a “platform for easier physician workflow”? At least they should be. No doubt many haven’t delivered on the promise of doing that, but that’s the goal of every EMR.

  • There are more and more IPad EMR’s coming out recently, most have more functionality than the free offerings currently available. I originally liked the free IPad EMR but found that it was missing many things that I needed daily. I am currently looking at a product OneTouchEMR which is available now and initial reaction by myself and staff is good.

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