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I think that many of you have heard of my e-Book on EMR selection. I’d been selling the e-Book for a while now with some ok results. However, as I thought about it, I wanted to get the information contained in the e-Book out to A LOT more people than were getting it as of now.

On that note, I just made downloading of my e-Book on EMR selection called “Selecting the Right EMR” a free download. You can read more about it and download it on my EMR Selection e-Book page or click the book image at the bottom of this post and it will download a PDF file.

Feel free to distribute the PDF file to all of your friends, colleagues etc. I want to get the information on selecting the right EMR out to as many people as possible. I just ask that you link back to if you promote the free e-Book somewhere. Also, if you found something useful in the e-Book I have put a donation button on the page, but there’s no requirement to contribute. Although, all contributions are appreciated.

Now that many more of you will be able to see this e-Book on EMR selection, I welcome your comments on ways that it could be better. I really hope that it helps many doctors in their EMR selection process.

Selecting the Right EMR$149.99 FREE Download
If you find this e-Book beneficial to your EMR selection, please consider making a donation to support the creation of future e-Books.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • I hope you “sell” thousands of copies Dan. I call it EMR and HIPAA Gives Back.

    I look forward to seeing your review and also following “profitable use.” I love the play on words from meaningful use to profitable use. I know which ones doctors prefer.

  • […] I’ve had the chance to meet John and discuss his book and get a copy of it.  It is a great resource that takes you through the basics of where to begin.  For most practitioners, they can easily get lost in all the jargon and complications that go into EMRs and picking the right one.  John’s book is a great place to begin.  It originally sold for $150, but now that he is making it freely available, it is a no-brainer to go download a copy today. […]

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