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Update (12/30/13): We’ve come a long way since 2010 when this post was created. Now Healthcare Scene and Healthcare IT Central have LinkedIn groups.

There are a ton of EMR resources online these days. I remember when I started this blog, there really was only a small handful of people talking about EMR. Now, it’s kind of exploded and there’s conversations happening all over the internet about EMR. That’s why I’m particularly grateful for those who read this blog, participate in the comments and find value from it.

One of my more recent finds is the group forums on LinkedIn. They’re definitely not perfect and sometimes get too much spam, but they are an interesting place to discuss EMR. Here’s an example of a group about Small Medical Practice EMR and PM Solutions. Pretty much a perfect match for this blog right?

One of the key things I like about the groups on LinkedIn is that people’s comments are tied to their LinkedIn profile. This is pretty neat since then I can see what’s behind the comment that someone is making. I can better understand the perspective they have on the situation and why they might be commenting a certain way. It’s also cool, because I’ve gotten to meet a bunch of interesting people in the EMR world. Plus, I know quite a few of my readers come from LinkedIn as well.

Of course, you can also catch up with us on Twitter – @ehrandhit (just passed 5000 followers) and Facebook – EMR and HIPAA Fan page.

I also must admit that I’m always astonished and flattered by the people I see sign up for the EMR and HIPAA email list. That list has really grown and it’s pretty amazing to think that someone wants what I’ve written in their email box almost daily. It’s pretty humbling to see the list of doctors, practice managers, EMR vendors, and other healthcare IT people that sign up for it. So, thank you.

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John Lynn

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