HIMSS Launches Online State IT Initiative Tracker

According to a story just released by Healthcare IT News, HIMSS has launched a State HIT Dashboard to provide healthcare professionals, policy makers and stakeholders a snapshot of major health information technology initiatives underway across the US.

“As an interactive resource, the HIMSS State HIT Dashboard is easily accessible to healthcare stakeholders,” said Carla Smith, executive vice president, HIMSS. “Rather than endless searches to uncover all the initiatives going on in each state, users can access the dashboard.  We’re providing the most comprehensive public resources available on HIT initiatives across the United States.”

The HIMSS State HIT Dashboard includes a slick visual interface that tracks current health IT initiatives, including:

  • State Resources: A single repository of state specific information, state organizations and state related resources.
  • Regional Extension Centers: Name and amount awarded information about the Regional Extension Centers.
  • Health Information Exchanges: Name, location and details of self-reporting health information exchange organizations including state designated entities.
  • State Legislation Tracking: Description and reference information on pending state legislation.
  • Davies Award Recipients: Name, location organizational description and affiliated news releases of Davies Award Recipients.
  • HIMSS Chapter Information: Links and locations of HIMSS Chapters.

The dashboard, which is free to access, will be updated on the fly.  From a career standpoint, t’s always wise to know what’s happening in your own backyard, so check it out!

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