Don’t Quit Your Job Today!

I hear you loud and clear! Everybody’s had  that moment when you want to tell your boss exactly what you think about them and gleefully spell out how and where they can ‘shove it’. While the feeling is undeniably soothing, the act itself is full of emotion and there’s a 99 percent chance that once you’ve gotten it out and cooled down, you’ll regret your decision.

Been there – actually, a few times and it’s tough.

Here is some advice to help you cope with this issue. First, get to the root of the difficulty- why do you feel the way you do? Is it workload, culture, management-style, coworkers, or have you been asked to wear multiple hats and are finally just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Trying to understand the emotions involved and quantifying exactly what’s eating you can help put things in perspective and give you the necessary clarity to make a change. You’ll never want to put yourself in this situation/environment EVER again.  And you won’t!

If the problem can be addressed without compromising your job, do it. If the train has left the station and you just can’t work for your current employer, start looking immediately. Networking is the best way to find a new opportunity, and you’ll need to make a concerted effort: spend your off-hours talking to as many people as possible until you find gold. It will happen.

Set mini-goals to help you get through each day/week. Read something uplifting and positive to help make your situation more tolerable, and if you are part of the COMPANY HATE CLUB – resign immediately. Hanging out with negative people reinforces how much you hate working for your current employer and is all downside. Nobody wins.

Lastly, keep your emotions in check. When something or someone strikes a nerve, DO NOT REACT immediately. Count to ten and gather your thoughts before you say or do something stupid. Keep your job and cash flow until you find a new home- you’ll be glad you did!

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Tim Tolan

Tim Tolan is the Senior Partner of the Healthcare IT and Services Practice of Sanford Rose Associates. He has conducted searches for CEOs, presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents of business development, product development and sales. Tim is also the co-author of "The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition – Finding Talent Your Competitors Overlook," available on Amazon.