EHR Certification Testing Dates Scheduled into November

I can’t remember when or where I saw it, but at some point I saw someone reference Jim Tate from EMR Advocate as the expert on EHR certification. I’d known Jim electronically for quite a while having followed his writings online and on Twitter. I even haphazardly bumped into Jim where we both looked at it each other and recognized our pictures from Twitter.

After Jim stopped by to comment on my previous EHR certification post, I emailed Jim to ask him if he wanted to do a guest blog post for EMR and HIPAA. He is busy with 3 stage 1 EHR certifications this week, but did send the following info which I found interesting and useful. I’m also looking forward to taking a look at his manual on meaningful use. I hear it’s highly targeted at doctors and clinical practices which fits in line with my style too.

The HHS/ONC Authorized Certification Program has really broken loose. We were in the eye of the storm, but the eye has passed and the windows are being blown out. Vendors are desperately trying to get a testing date in October and not Novemenber or later. The ability to get Stage 1 Certified and listed on the ONC website is now a giant business issue. A two month’s delay in being able to market and sell certified technology is a handicap. We will see the effect that decisions made over the past year by vendors will play out in the market. Those that applied for the CCHIT Preliminary IFR Stage 1 test are sitting pretty as their can choose test dates based on their application date. Those vendors that elected to wait may pay a price in delayed certifications. Of coursethere are presently 2 organizations authorized to test and certify and I expect maybe 2 more in coming weeks. That may help the crunch. The Drummond Group is charging $23,500 for all Stage 1 testing for EPs and has begun accepting applications for testing. Information about their program is available at: (PDF). A number of my vendor clients have applied and have been given test dates in mid to late November. CCHIT will hold a Town Call next Monday at 1 PM ET: The fees for their Stage 1 testing will be announced at that time and applications will begin to be accepted that date. Vendors who had already applied for CCHIT’s Preliminary Stage 1 Testing will begin testing against the CMS Final Rule next week. By the end of this month we will Certified Technology listed on the ONC website.

Due to the complexities of the CMS EHR Incentive Program for EPs I have written a manual, The Incentive Roadmap, to help guide medical practices through the process. It is being updated continually to reflect the changes in the incentive program. It is being sold at HITECHAnswers.

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  • Thanks John for the posting. In the interests of accuracy I need to correct the quoted fees for Drummond’s EHR Testing Program.

    Remote Testing Prices:
    Complete EHR – AMB and IP $19,500
    Retest fee $6,000
    For Onsite testing:
    Complete EHR – AMB and IP $23,500 plus travel
    Retest fee* $10,000.00 plus travel

  • Dan,
    I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Are you talking about the VARs or people like that which are selling a different EHR? I think they should be covered by the main EHR’s certification.

    CCHIT has announced a site certification for those clinics that have developed their own EHR. I’m not sure how far along that is and if the other EHR certifying bodies are going to do it also.

  • CCHIT has a fee to ‘white label’ or ‘private brand’ certified technology so it could be marketed under another name. That fee is $2000. Not sure if Drummond has a policy on this and I am aware of no pricing information for InfoGard.

  • Thanks Jim. I vaguely remember hearing that $2k number now. Thanks for commenting.

    I haven’t seen any InfoGard numbers yet either. In fact, there site is quite void of any EHR certification info other than the press release.

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