HIMSS 11 Keynote Speakers in Orlando

I’m not one to go to a lot of conferences. Although, I’ve been going to one all day today and tomorrow and it’s been quite interesting. Although, the best part has definitely been the in depth discussions about EHR that I’ve had with numerous attendees at the conference. More on that subject coming soon.

I’m also hoping to go to HIMSS 11 in Orlando. I had a great time at HIMSS 10 and I’d be remiss to not go to HIMSS 11. Let’s hope that I can find some sponsors for my coverage of HIMSS 11 to help offset the cost of the trip (any takers?). Here’s some links to find my coverage of HIMSS 11 on EMR and HIPAA and HIMSS 11 on EMR and EHR.

HIMSS just announced a couple of the keynote speakers for HIMSS 11. These are the 2 keynote speakers don’t necessarily specifically tie to healthcare in the traditional way:

Michael J. Fox – Popular actor and author Michael J. Fox shares his experiences as a patient and patient advocate.

Richard Boyd – Richard Boyd, expert in simulations for computer gaming, defense and film industries, will share his experiences with technologies used in the film “Avatar’ and their importance for the healthcare industry.

I must admit that I think Michael J. Fox will be a fascinating speaker. I’ll definitely be staying for that one. I don’t know Richard Boyd at all so we’ll see what happens with that one.

I’m definitely planning on approaching HIMSS in a very different way than I did last year. I had FAR too much scheduled time last year and tried to do too much. I’ll be freeing up my schedule this year to just discover new things and to have more quality time with great people than less time with more people. At least that’s the plan.

I know it’s early, but who’s planning on HIMSS 11?

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  • […] I’ve been talking to a lot of people who’ve asked if I’m going to various conferences. I’d like to go to more, but I must admit that it’s quite an expensive (financially and time) to go to a conference. I am planning to make the trek out to HIMSS 11 in Orlando and I posted the first HIMSS 11 keynote speakers on EMR and EHR. […]

  • John,

    Greetings! While researching HIMSS I came across your blog. I would like to introduce myself and hear more about what you think are the burning issues that should be addressed at next year’s HIMSS conference.

    My bio is below. My keynote will likely be a departure from conventional keynotes from the past; although I am still looking at past commentary to see how far afield I should stray. 🙂 My subject will essentially focus on my background in computer gaming and simulation and recent technology developments and trends from several industries ranging from the computer gaming and defense industry to education to my experience on set during the filming of James Cameron’s “Avatar”. As I continue my conversations with teaching hospitals around the country I am sensing an opportunity to bring more simulation capability into the health industry to improve performance and reduce costs. I would be very interested in any thoughts you have on the subject.


    Richard Boyd
    Chief Architect. Lockheed Martin Virtual World Labs

    As one of the creators of the Lockheed Martin Virtual World Labs, Richard leads a group of innovative engineers and designers across all mission areas for Lockheed Martin to harness cutting edge computer gaming and virtual world technologies to improve human performance. Richard joined Lockheed Martin in 2007 with the acquisition of 3Dsolve, a North Carolina based computer game technology firm where he was founder and CEO.
    Prior to that, Richard was General Manager and VP of Sales for Virtus Corporation, where he worked for nearly a decade and where he served on the management team that created several pioneering computer gaming companies including Red Storm Entertainment, with author Tom Clancy; and Timeline Computer Entertainment, with author Michael Crichton.
    In addition to these duties over the years, Boyd has become a highly sought-after industry speaker, logging numerous appearances at key industry conferences such as Comdex, MacWorld, Windows World-London, NCGA, Web3D, I/ITSEC, ITEC and the Meckler Virtual Reality conferences. He also spearheaded the effort to use 3D visualization technologies to create virtual environments for movies including Warner Brothers’ feature Fearless, a John Hay film titled The Steal, as well as during the pre-production phase of Brian dePalma’s blockbuster Mission: Impossible.
    With computer gaming pioneer David Smith, Boyd co-wrote an industry-leading book on VRML technologies, called The Virtus VRML Toolkit, that was widely distributed and translated into three foreign languages. Boyd is also a children’s book author and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • We attended the HIMSS virtual conference this year which was great but the real one is coming to Orlando next year…I heard that the Orlando conference will be their biggest conference ever!

  • Richard,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually don’t have a problem with a departure from the norm. In fact, I really enjoy when someone with a different perspective can come in and provide a fresh alternative approach to the way technology is used in healthcare. I hope that’s what you’ll provide.

    One request I’d make is that you don’t just focus on hospitals and that you consider the impact and benefits that could be seen by what turns out to be the majority of the healthcare system: small practices (less than 5 providers). I’d be interested to hear how your background would apply to them.

    I’d also be interested to hear how the “gaming” techniques might be applied to Personal Health Records (PHR). Is it appropriate to apply game mechanics to our personal health record as a means of encouraging maintenance and upkeep of our own health record?

    Those are just a few ideas. I hope they help.

  • Lovely website you have here, it’s rare to find stuff so well written and interesting these days. I found you over on google and will pop back soon. Thanks.

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