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I’ve really enjoyed the support of many people here on EMR and HIPAA. There’s a strong community here on EMR and HIPAA and plenty of new readers that keep things interesting. Then, of course I’m always grateful to the advertisers on EMR and HIPAA who support everything I do on EMR and HIPAA. As an example, here’s an unsolicited email I got recently from Brittanie Good, Director of Marketing – Enterprise Software Deployment:

I wanted to give you props regarding our advertisement with EMR and HIPAA. Our ad on HIStalk has been up since the launch of our new website in March, and already we have had the same number of hits from the HISTalk ad as we have had from the EMR and HIPAA ad, which went live at the end of June.

Not only do you have loyal readership – your readers are also loyal to your ads and have increased traffic to our website. Thanks!

Thanks to the loyal readers of EMR and HIPAA and the advertisers that support us.

On that note, here’s a look at the new advertisers on EMR and HIPAA (Learn more about Advertising on EMR and HIPAA):
SOAPware – I’ve known and respected the people at SOAPware for quite a while and so I’m really proud to have them as an advertiser. They were initially an EMR only software product, but just recently launched a totally integrated PMS system to compliment their EMR software. SOAPware was started by a doctor and is one of the most physician and patient minded EMR companies I’ve seen.

SimplifyMD – This EMR solution hits at the core of what we believe at EMR and HIPAA. It’s a no debt solution that focuses on simplifying the implementation process and allows you to discontinue using the EMR if you aren’t satisfied with it. Plus, they seem to have the right focus on physician efficiency.

Thanks also to SFax, Sequelmed, and The Drug Company for renewing their ads as well.

Tomorrow and Friday I’ll be attending the Digital Medical Office of the Future: Driving Toward Meaningful Use Conference and Exhibition. I think it’s going to be a really interesting conference full of good information. You can be sure much of the content over the next week will be things I learned and saw at the conference. I guess reading this blog will be the next best thing to being there in person.

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