Possible Kaiser data, tomorrow, straight from the whistleblower’s mouth

OK, guys, if you know anything I don’t about the machinations around the $3 billion (or $5 billion, name your number) installation of Kaiser’s Epic EMR, now’s the time to share. 

I say that because tomorrow, I’m going to pull together what an anonymous source sent me from the early days of the Epic installation.  We’ll go over it, reader and editor, and see if there’s any news left.  Hope you’ll join me.

If you have anything to add, please do feel free to toss another log onto the fire.

Admittedly, even if genuine — and I have no way of proving that it is — it’s at least four years old. Still, I’m pretty intrigued by it and I hope you will be too.  (By the way, the e-mailer says he’s not the (in)famous Justen Deal, the young man who e-mailed 180,000 Kaiser employees with his EMR concerns. I’d tend to believe Mr. X, since I’ve met the actual Justen and he’s not the anonymous type.)

I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow.

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Anne Zieger

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