3 Million EMR and HIPAA Pageviews

UPDATE: Excuse the personal reminiscing. Sometimes I just can’t resist. There will be more great EMR content tomorrow for those who don’t care for this type of post.

Let’s just say that’s a lot of pageviews. It’s pretty humbling and demanding to think how many people have read and will read what I write on this blog. I don’t think I had any clue what I was getting into when I did my first post back on December 11, 2005. A great line from that first post:
“if you find some good information that I haven’t seen and correct me if I’m wrong.”
This has certainly happened plenty of times. Sometimes it hurts a little to be corrected, but mostly it’s a great way to learn.

Then, this little disclaimer from my first post:
“This is my best knowledge from my research and is not guaranteed in anyway.”
This disclaimer is still in effect. Although, I’ve come a long ways since I first started blogging.

I also find it amazing that the stats for the audience for this site is bigger than the most excellent of HIT blogs: HISTalk. They show 3.34 million pageviews since June, 20 2003. That’s a good 1.5 to 2 years before I started my stats tracking. Plus, they posted their July stats as: 97,368 visits, 138,957 page views. EMR and HIPAA did 149,802 pageviews and 97,274 visits in July. I’m not sure what stats program they’re using so maybe it’s off, but it’s nice to think that EMR and HIPAA has a similar size audience to HISTalk.

For those who love stats (like me), EMR and HIPAA has had 830 posts and 3,548 comments since 2005. By comparison, my much younger EMR and EHR site has had 186 posts and 652 comments with getting close to 400,000 pageviews since April 30, 2009.

I could go on forever, but I won’t bore you anymore. Although, some of my EMR and HIPAA advertisers have asked for more details on the stats for EMR and HIPAA. I usually email them the details, but I’m thinking about starting a blog for people to see all the stats. I guess I’m just not sure who would really care to see it.

Either way, I really do appreciate the readers and advertisers of EMR and HIPAA. Hopefully you’ve benefited from my posts as much as I’ve benefited from your comments and insight. Interestingly, I think the question I get asked most often is how I’m able to post so often. I don’t really have a good answer for that question. Although, I do let people in on my little secret called “scheduled posts.” Plus, at this point I have a special blog posting lens where my brain turns everything I read into a blog post. Not to mention my 300 or so draft blog post ideas is useful too.

Now on to the next 3 million pageviews. I predict 3-5 more years of EMR meaningful use blogging and then we start the next era of EMR blogging: switching EMR vendors. As long as people still need healthcare, there will always be plenty of healthcare IT to write about.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of HealthcareScene.com, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

John manages Healthcare IT Central, the leading career Health IT job board. He also organizes the first of its kind conference and community focused on healthcare marketing, Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference, and a healthcare IT conference, EXPO.health, focused on practical healthcare IT innovation. John is an advisor to multiple healthcare IT companies. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy.


  • Hi John, Congratulations. This is a great number and needs to be published. Your content is very informative and you pick on those topics that are very relevant.

    I am impressed and congratulations once agin.

  • John… Let me add my congratulations to Anthony’s.

    I told you that you have good stuff here. Timely, relevant, broad based, short, and witty.


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