EHR, HIE and Meaningful Use Conference in Las Vegas

I’m really excited about a meaningful use and EHR conference that’s being held literally in my backyard. It’s the Inaugural Digital Medical Office of the Future: Driving Toward Meaningful Use Conference and Exhibition. The conference is scheduled for September 9-10, 2010 at Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. You can see more details at the EHR conference website.

The whole conference seems really well done and should have a great mix of EHR, EMR, Meaningful Use and HIE topics. I’m personally most excited to hear the famous Mark Anderson from the AC Group speak in person. Our paths have crossed a number of times in the digital world, and so I’m excited to meet him in the physical world. I also noticed that David Kibbe is on the agenda. Both are legends in the EMR and EHR world which should make for an extraordinary time.

If any EMR and HIPAA readers plan to attend, it would be fun to meet you in person. Maybe we could do an EMR and HIPAA dinner or something. It’s always fun to meet readers of the site in person.

Full Disclosure: I’ve been given press access to the conference and exchanged the ad you see in the right sidebar for EMR and HIPAA listed in the conference materials.

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John Lynn

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  • Hey John, thanks for the heads up on the conference. Because you seem to have a good grasp of EMR and HIPAA, I was hoping you didn’t mind pointing me toward some material, either online or in print, that might be a good starting point for getting oriented with the intersection of EMR and HIPAA. Basically, I’m trying to understand the legal framework of providing EMR and any relevant compliance requirements. Perhaps you’ve written specifically on the topic and you could point me to one of your blog posts? Thanks ahead of time for the consideration.

  • Adam,
    As you can probably tell from the majority of my content, I’ve created much more focus on EMR and less on HIPAA. Of course, you can’t talk EMR without some HIPAA, but I’ve definitely found the EMR side more interesting to write about (for me personally).

    With that said, here’s a couple good resources that really take HIPAA head on:

    They should have a lot of the information you need. I think you’ll find that you’re going to have to do a fair amount of translating if you want to know the details of providing an EMR. I say this since most of the HIPAA documents are about doctors and so you’ll have to translate that to how that will apply to you as a provider of EMR.

    I hope this helps!

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