New CEO of Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) and EMR Vendor Market Share

Many people that read this blog have never heard of Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) until they saw this blog post. Honestly, before HIMSS this year I hadn’t really ever heard of them either. However, at HIMSS I was introduced to their story and was really intrigued. Yesterday they announced a new CEO, Bruce Lisanti to lead the company. Here’s a section of the press release:

“With the pending changes in the US healthcare system and with meaningful use criteria now finalized under the HITECH Act’s electronic health records (EHR) incentive program, there is an unprecedented opportunity for growth and expansion in the healthcare IT industry,” said Mr. Lisanti. “Electronic health records can enable physicians, hospitals, labs and patients to work together more easily. When combined with fully functional personal health records (PHR), electronic communication and access to information can substantially reduce the overall costs of the healthcare system. As one of the only fully integrated, web-based EHR systems available today, MIE has an enormous opportunity to become a leader in this space.”

“MIE has already demonstrated an impressive ability to promote the broad adoption of this technology on a regional scale,” Lisanti continued. “The MIE Health Information Exchange is currently utilized by over 90 percent of the physicians in Northeast Indiana with 55 percent of these doctors using the WebChart EHR system from MIE. Our goal is to take this model nationally, positioning MIE as a leader in healthcare IT.”

What I find most interesting about stories like this is that they’re happening every single day. With over 300 EMR vendors out there, there are hundreds of MIE like EMR vendors that don’t see all the headlines, they don’t have big fancy conferences, but they’re just grabbing their portion of the EMR market.

I guess that’s why I mostly just laugh when I see someone try to calculate the EMR vendor market share. The company with the largest EMR market share is called “Other” and includes the 100’s of EMR vendors that most people don’t know about.

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