IBM Launches Collaborative Care Solution with SOAPware as The EMR

UPDATE: See the comments from Randall Oates below where he explains that SOAPware is just one of the EMR/EHR options that will be connecting to the Collaborative Care Solution that IBM is offering. It seems the IBM offering amounts to more of an HIE specification that any and/or all EMR vendors can adopt. A little different idea than what I posted below.

I’m sure most people in the tech world remember the days when Big Blue ruled the tech world. In fact, there’s even a saying which I’ve been hearing more and more lately that basically goes that “no tech person ever got fired by choosing IBM.” Basically meaning that everyone was choosing IBM and so it was a safe bet. Kind of reminds me of Epic in the hospital IT space.

Well, last week IBM made an announcement about their new Collaborative Care Solution. The press release is honestly one of the worst I’ve seen. Usually amidst the PR speak you can at least summarize what they’re really doing in a couple sentences. Sadly, I can’t do that from the press release.

There was also a post about the IBM announcement on the SOAPware blog. Still not a very informative post, but it does provide the interesting connection between the solution IBM is offering that with the SOAPware EMR. A good announcement for SOAPware, especially after their release of the SOAPware PMS software.

I confirmed that the SOAPware EMR/PMS will be what IBM is offering with their Collaborative Care Solution. It will be interesting to see how this collaboration develops. Is it a real collaboration or just another marketing arm for SOAPware.

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  • John – I appreciate your interest in what is now a bit difficult to accurately interpret. At SOAPware, we are pleased that IBM and ActiveHealth have publicly announced a project that has been in the works for some time now. The Collaborative Care Solution is EMR/EHR agnostic. The intent is to make it as open-platform as is possible. It’s greatest value is likely to be that it is inclusive of any/all vendors that will adopt the HIE specifications defined in the solution. IBM is probably one of the only entities that can finally overcome some of the obstacles that have thwarted true interoperability.
    I do not serve as a spokesperson for IBM, but I can report that they are not presently inclined to market SOAPware, as this would be counter to the mission of the collaborative. The SOAPware Clinical Suite is an option, but not the only option, for sites and practices joining the collaborative who have not yet invested in an EMR. Otherwise, they prefer to preserve current the current, comprehensive EMR user’s choices where and when that is possible.
    Hopefully, this will help clear any confusion, and more details will follow soon.
    Randall Oates, M.D.
    President, SOAPware, Inc.

  • Randall,
    Thanks for the clarifications. I’ve added an update to this post. That makes more sense now. Basically, IBM has an HIE offering which SOAPware has chosen to participate in.

    Lots of big name companies working in this area. It will be interesting to see how IBM competes.

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