HP Launches EHReady for Healthcare IT Market

I got an email announcing the new HP EHR initiative called EHReady. I was really interested to hear what HP was working on in the EMR industry since DELL’s has a number of EMR initiatives. In order to learn more, I did an email interview about EHReady with Chris Mertens, HP’s vice president of healthcare business.

Why would a practice want to use this HP solution?  What makes it more than just a nice marketing program?

Our new EHReady program is a comprehensive solution that helps hospitals engage with their physicians and help them transition to a complete EHR solution. We works very closely with its enterprise clients and know how tough it can be for physicians to adopt new technology. As the HITECH act was being developed, we began forming this program which they believe will make it much easier for hospitals to extend their technology solutions out to their affiliated physicians.

As the largest computer manufacturer in the world, we offer the full range of products and solutions to meet the needs of hospitals and their physicians: mobile systems, desktops, printing solutions, servers, storage, and even peripherals like mobile carts and biometric devices.

Will this program focus more on hospital EMR software or ambulatory EMR software?

The program targets hospitals, Regional Extension Centers, and other associations working closely with physicians to adopt EHR solutions. We will not be reselling the EHR solution, but rather enabling each hospital to work closely with their affiliated physicians to determine the best solution.

Which EMR software will you be making available to consumers?

This service program supports a wide range of EHR software from our healthcare partners. We are also collaborating with key independent software vendors to provide customers with a choice of EHR applications. We are currently engaged in an extensive ISV qualification and selection process.

How did you decide between the 300+ EMR vendors and how do you know the EMR software you support will work well across all the unique clinical practices?

With this announcement, we are not officially naming partners for the EHReady program, although we do have existing relationships with many software providers and continue to build more. We will also be working with a number of HP resellers including one quoted in the press release – Open Systems Technologies.

We are opening up the program now to make sure that hospitals are aware of this offering. Many hospitals are already established with certain EHR vendors, and it’s our goal to work with a variety of software partners to better meet the needs of more hospitals. The EHReady program is designed to do just that – allow for a simple, turnkey solution that will fit with what hospitals may already have in place in terms of EHR software.

What will you be doing specifically to ensure that organizations understand and qualify for ARRA EMR stimulus money?

We offer a full suite of leasing and other financial options, which offer practitioners the ability to bundle HP and non-HP EHR solution components into a single, low payment.

When practitioners choose an HP Financial Services ownership program, they can choose to acquire their EHR solution now, without a large cash outlay. The practitioners can make small payments and have the choice to either pay the program off quickly or continue to make small payments after the ARRA subsidy is received.

In addition, all HP solutions meet the criteria of “Meaningful Use” that is required to obtain the funds to help physicians move towards a “digital office” environment.

Will HP be providing the software and technical support needed or partnering with other organizations?

We will work closely with our extensive network of value-added resellers to support EHReady with site assessments, training, implementation and support services for hospitals and their affiliated physicians.

Since every EHR software has its own unique features, the installation of EHR software through this program will be done in partnership with HP through our network of HP partners.

EHReady’s IT services can be structured to support a seamless EHR install or upgrade with minimal interruption to hospitals and affiliated physicians. An “IT checkup” onsite assessment service kicks off the EHR system consultation, leading to planning and setup services to fully implement the EHR solution.

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  • We have a similar program coming soon for Value Added Resellers. We have a package of products that would be useful to doctors before they adopt their EMR in order to smooth the transition, which is supplied to Value Added Resellers and consultants, who, in turn sell it to practices.

    Great minds think alike, I suppose. Either way, I think programs like these will be useful, and perhaps even become common, especially in practices who are not up to date on technology. This will be a way for practices who haven’t yet begun the transition to the 21st century to do so.

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