A Retake On Leadership

Many of you may know (others likely don’t care) that my partner in crime (Gwen Darling) and I both write career-related content for Healthcare Informatics. I also write a career blog for FistfulofTalent which is where I started my writing sickness.

My focal point in writing has always been to share stories or information about my search practice, assignments and other HR and leadership topics. This piece is about the  wrong kind of leader. You’ve all seen the movie I’m sure.

This blog was posted recently on Healthcare Informatics Website and I wanted to share this with the HITT audience.


About the author


Tim Tolan

Tim Tolan is the Senior Partner of the Healthcare IT and Services Practice of Sanford Rose Associates. He has conducted searches for CEOs, presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents of business development, product development and sales. Tim is also the co-author of "The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition – Finding Talent Your Competitors Overlook," available on Amazon.