Looking Back: Meaningful Use Consultant Lies, EMR Conversions, EMR Backlog and Sunday Funnies

This weekend I decided to look back at some random posts. Yes, call it my deep dive into the over 800 different EMR blog posts I’ve done on EMR and HIPAA. No sense in good quality posts not being seen.

Lies from Meaningful Use Consultants – Yes, the title is a bit sensational, but I was (and still am) aghast at the amount of misinformation (and lies) that are out there misleading the unsuspecting. Expect this to increase in 2011 as the EMR stimulus money starts rolling out. I’d love to post the first picture of someone getting their EMR stimulus check. Too bad it will be part of their Medicare reimbursement. Word of Caution: Be Careful with what you hear!

Converting Data from Old EMR to New EMR – I loved this email. The way he describes the difficult process of converting data from an old EMR to a new one is spot on. I expect in about 5 years, we’re going to have thousands of more stories like this one.

Plus, the comments on the cultural change of switching EMR software is beautiful to read also. This is something that Allscripts and Eclipsys EMR users are going to have to think about after Allscripts acquisition of Eclipsys.

EMR Backlog – I can’t believe I haven’t written about this for a while. It was such a hot topic back when I wrote this post in August of 2009. It’s still in the back of people’s minds. However, so far I haven’t seen any real major EMR backlog. Have you? We’ll see if that changes once the final Meaningful Use rule is out. Or maybe the checks need to start rolling in first. Either way, I’m not too worried. I think a backlog would be a good thing.

Kathleen Sebelius on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Just a little something to make you laugh. I should post more things like this. Maybe Saturday will become the Saturday Funnies. If you have healthcare or technology related jokes let me know on my Contact Us page. I’d love to publish them.

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John Lynn

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  • Thanks for pointing him out to me Michael. I’m always interested in other bloggers that are writing about EMR and HITECH. I appreciate the help.

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