Videos: How NOT to run a hospital

Here’s a fun take on the day-to-day routine of providing hospital care — and how it can get just a bit impersonal and dehumanizing. (Though not, one assumes, at Warrenton, VA-based Fauquier Hospital, which created the ads you’re about to see.)

In the first spot, “Baby Factory,” unfortunate moms-to-be are rolled through an industrial assembly line, each given the same perfunctory treatment. (One nurse chants “Ice chips…ice chips…,” and hands a cup out to each mom without making eye contact.)

Another spot kicks off with a factory whistle. A resigned doctor (in a hard hat) says “Another day, another diagnosis!”  Seated men are slid from place to place, their needs shouted out across the factory floor — until, of course, the scene changes to warmth and comfort — and you see how Fauquier Health operates:

These are certainly a kick. Wonder if they’re making an impact on  patient perceptions of  Fauquier?

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Anne Zieger

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