CCHIT Comments on Final Rule for Temporary EHR Certification

After noting that CCHIT had gone quiet and posting about Drummond Group’s view of the EHR certification final rule, it seems appropriate that CCHIT has finally come out with their own comments.

The CCHIT blog post was done by Alisa Ray but says it’s a statement from Karen M. Bell, MD, Chair, CCHIT. I think that’s a bad sign for those of us who like executives that blog that Karen Bell sent the blog post through Alisa Ray, but maybe Karen’s still just getting setup on the new job.

There’s nothing really all that shocking or newsworthy in the CCHIT blog post. Here’s the cliff notes version (with some of my own commentary):
CCHIT will apply to be a “ONC Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB).” – Not a surprise since EHR Certification is CCHIT’s only business model.
CCHIT will continue their “independently developed programs.” – They used their favorite word “assurance” in correlation with their programs again. Sadly, they just assure doctors that some programmer knows how to run their test scripts before paying CCHIT $30k+ to get their EHR certification. They don’t assure that an EMR is more usable, or has a higher implementation success rate, or that it saves more lives or increases reimbursement. Nope. Those assurances would run at least $100k to certify;-)

At least in the blogosphere, there’s been a number of healthcare IT bloggers proclaiming the end of CCHIT. Sadly, I’m not one of those. I think they’ll be around for a while and there’s still A LOT more educating that needs to spread about what an EHR certification is and what it is not.

Also, Michelle at Occam PM wrote a blog post that includes some interesting word clouds of the CCHIT and Drummond Group bog posts. An interesting view of what was said.

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  • Agreed: I think the cries of “CCHIT is dead” are a bit premature. They’re still very much a viable player at the moment. Whether that remains true at the end of 2010 and moving into the actual stages of meaningful use, though, is anyone’s guess at this point. Now that both organizations actually have the ability to apply for it, we should start seeing some real “proof of the pudding,” as it were.

    And thanks for the plug, John. I find word clouds fascinating, if a trifle misleading at times.

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