EMR and HIPAA Speaking Engagements and Ads

EMR Presentations
As many of you know, I’ve really enjoyed the chances I’ve had to go and speak to groups about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). I haven’t done it all that much since I had a full time job back then, but now that I’m working for myself I have a bit more time to do some EMR speaking engagements.

For those interested in bringing me out to speak to their organization, I’ve created an EMR and HIPAA Speaking page. I’ve included a short bio (first time I’ve posted that) on that page along with a sample EMR stimulus presentation that I did last year. If you’re interested, please send me a note on this contact page.

EMR Advertising
In other news, there has been quite a bit of interest in the top 2 ads on EMR and HIPAA. Both of those ads become available starting July 1. In order to fill those spots the most fair way possible, I’ve decided to open up the bidding for those top 2 ad spots. Basically, the ad spots will go to the most attractive bid. As before, current advertisers will be given priority if 2 bids are similar. If you’re interested in participating, let me know and I’ll keep you in the loop.

I also want to welcome a new advertiser to EMR and HIPAA:
MedicalVar.com – This website connects medical professionals to Value Added Resellers (VARs). The only way you can buy Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical version is through a VAR. So, MedicalVar.com is a service to help you locate a VAR for DNS Medical.

Thanks for renewing also goes out to long time advertiser EMR Consultant and MD-IT who advertises on EMR and HIPAA & EMR and EHR. Check out more details about advertising on EMR and HIPAA.

EMR Jobs
Finally, I don’t think that many realize that EMR and HIPAA has an EMR job board. Only costs $30 to post to it and it gets exposure on both of my EMR sites. For example, here’s a job that was just recently posted to it:
Healthcare Practice Manager, Program Manager with HIPAA / 5010

P.S. I’m leaving town next week for a scout trip where I won’t have internet access. If someone would like to guest post while I’m gone let me know. Otherwise, I’ll try to write ahead and schedule the posts to appear. I’d hate for people to go without their daily dose of EMR and HIPAA.

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