A Look Back at Popular EMR and HIPAA Posts

I told you on the weekends I’d try to go through and highlight some of my previous 774 posts (but who’s counting?). Obviously, there’s a lot to choose from. So, this time I decided to hit the big red button on my stats program that said “Top Posts for All Time” Yes, that’s crunching 2,636,682 pageviews to provide this data. That’s right. Over 2.6 million pageviews. I kind of shutter thinking about that. Plus, I didn’t implement this stats system (since it didn’t exist) until well into this blog, but I digress.

2 posts that I knew would be near the top is my Overwhelming List of EMR Companies post which I did back on 2/21/06 and my EMR and EHR vendors page. The former just barely edged out the prior.

Man a lot has changed since early 2006 with that list of EMR vendors. Kind of fun to look back at the state of EMR vendors in 2006. A lot more entrants. Also, I’ve mostly stopped updating that page, and instead have been linking to this EMR and EHR matrix wiki page. Although, I do generally update the EMR and EHR vendors page for those vendors that advertise on EMR and HIPAA.

Coming in close behind my list of EMR and EHR vendors was a couple posts about the EMR stimulus package (imagine that). One was called, “Details of Obama’s EMR stimulus Package” that I posted on 1/24/09 and the other was titled,”Economic Stimulus Bill Simplified” that I posted February 17, 2009.

I kind of shudder going back and reading those initial posts. So much of the information was vague and we were doing our best to guess what the government process would produce. Needless to say, we know a lot more about it now then we did then. I’m also glad I updated those posts with a link to my EMR Stimulus presentation. It’s mostly right, but we just have a lot more information now about Meaningful Use and Certified EHR than we had when I gave that presentation. The sad part of course, is that we’re still missing a lot of necessary details.

Another one that’s pretty interesting was a post I did back on June 21, 2006 about HIPAA Violation Examples. Turns out, a lot of people search the web for examples of HIPAA violations. I guess it’s kind of like passing a car wreck. You just need to look. This post is also proof that at least at some point, I’ve written about HIPAA. Thus the name EMR and HIPAA. Ok, I admit it’s probably about 99.6% EMR posts and 0.4% HIPAA posts. When I started I thought HIPAA would be interesting. I was wrong (at least for a computer nerd like me).

Another popular post was one listing the Top 10 Open Source EMR projects. Make sure you read the comments. That’s where the real action happened in that post. I might have to contact Sam Bowen about the Open Source Medical Software’s move to get OpenEMR certified. I’m guessing they still want to, but are just waiting for HHS to get their ducks in a row first.

I still love open source. I’d love to hear more updates about these open source EMR projects. So, if you’re someone who uses or codes for these open source EMR projects, I’d love to get an update (hopefully one I can share on the site).

Ok, that’s enough for now. Let me know if you like these type posts or not. I bet they’ll get better as I go down the list even more.

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John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of the HealthcareScene.com, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

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  • How about inviting reps from the 300+ emr’s to list pricing as well? Software cost, training, yearly fees, interface price, etc…? That list would get twice the hits it does now.

  • Brad,
    It’s a great idea. I guess the reason I’ve avoided that is because EMRUpdate had a pretty good price matrix. Although, I just checked and it’s kind of gone by the wayside and is pretty out of date. I’ll talk to them about using some of their data as a starting point and see about adding a page.

    I’m thinking an embedded Google Spreadsheet might be the simplest and most effective option. Thanks for the prodding to think about doing it.

  • Yeah or setting up a google form… either way. Then you can share read write access only to reps that you are confident are really qualified to provide info. Maybe that is too extreme?

    Yeah the EMRUpdate price matrix is mostly for 04 and 05. Everything has changed/changing since then. You might even consider setting up pricing based on scenarios. Not everybody has the same pricing model, but everybody can give a quote for say a 5 doc clinic for 3 years. Many have price breaks for multiple users and for multiple years. That is the problem with EMRupdates matrix. Just my thoughts, either way it goes it would be valuable info.

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