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HHS has put up an interesting new part of their website called “Health IT Journey: Stories from the road.” Here’s their description:

Have you, your practice, or your organization been through a health IT implementation? We’d like you to share your story with us. After internal review, your story may be published to inspire other providers and organizations to become meaningful users of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Let’s learn together.

Of course, it also comes with the following disclaimer:

Posting of the articles on this Web site does not necessarily constitute HHS or ONC endorsement of the procedures followed; vendors, products and services named; or overall performance of the facility’s delivery of care. We do hope you find these narratives insightful and useful in your efforts to adopt health information technology and improve patient care.

It seems like ONC is mostly looking for stories that have been published somewhere. They link to 3 articles already, but only one of those is actually available without paying for the service or signing up. This was an article about using an EHR to quantify the number of patients you’re seeing in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

Of course, you can probably imagine how high the bar is to get your story shared in the NEJM. With that said, I’m always interested in posting interesting stories on this site about people’s use of an EMR or experiences with the EMR selection and implementation processes. So, if you have a story you want to share, just send it to me on the EMR and EHR Contact form. It will be interesting to see how HHS/ONC will look at publications on blogs like this one, but they’ve been pretty open to bloggers in the past.

It will be really interesting to see what other stories are submitted, approved and published by ONC. I do applaud their efforts to try and spread the stories of EMR success. That’s a very good thing. It’s just too bad they’re promoting these stories that are stuck behind a pay wall. That’s not the way to spread good stories of HIT success.

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