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When I wrote my previous post about EMR consultant challenges, I thought it might be valuable to create a list of possible ways to do EMR consulting. This list is just off the top of my head, so please feel free to add other EMR consulting opportunities that exist out there in the comments:

EMR Selection – Consult on selecting the right EMR.
EMR Implementation – Consult on the best way to implement the EMR. Map EMR workflows to their existing paper workflows.
Meaningful Use – Consult a practice on how they can achieve meaningful use and get the EMR stimulus money.
EMR Vendors – Consult EMR vendors on their software, their marketing, etc.
IT Consulting – Consult practices on the right IT infrastructure to support an EMR in their practice.
EMR Review – Review an already implemented EMR and suggest ways that the implementation could be improved.
EMR Training – Train end users on a particular EMR. This often is similar to or included in EMR implementation consulting.
EMR Certification – Consult EMR vendors on preparing for and getting EHR certified (some are even still looking for help with CCHIT Certification).

Ok, what other types of EMR consulting are out there?

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John Lynn

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  • Hey John, here’s some food for thought:

    -EMR Incident Response
    -EMR Data Management (Backup, Classification, Conversion, Storage, Retention, Destruction)
    -EMR Post-Implementation Review (kicking the tires)

    I hope all is well.


  • Steve,
    Thanks those are good additions. I’ve thought the EMR Post-Implementation Review could be a really interesting and valuable service.

  • John,
    Good topic. I think this is a tremendous opportunity going forward, as thousands of clinics are going to be plugging in EMRs attempting to capture MU funds. Helping them actually automate their workflows and begin use the EMR software effectively will keep many people in consulting gigs for years going forward.
    Chartzoom.com – EMR Software Research

  • John,

    How aboutr financial consultants who can perhaps help small practices afford and budget for an EMR until the meaningful use funds are disbursed.


  • Eunice,
    That’s often integrated with some of the other consulting opportunities (EMR selection and implementation for examples). However, I know some people who just do financial consulting, but they don’t do much EMR.

  • This is my basic Post-Implementation Evaluation:
     Review of current state patient flow process
     Review of current state documentation process
     Assess how effectively the current functionality of the application is being used
     Assess what functionality is available that is not being utilized
     Identify issues that are impeding the overall efficiency of the practice as it relates to the e-mds conversion
     Identify issues related to hardware use, location, availability
     Assess overall competency of IT staff, office/nursing staff and physician staff related to use of e-mds
     Interview IT Administration, Providers, Nursing Executive Leadership, and appropriate ancillary departments such as Reception and Billing
     Real time observations and interviews of front line clinical staff/end-users
     Provide written report and presentation to management on all findings and provide recommendations and/or comments
    All rights reserved.

  • Clyde,
    Interesting list of items. Lots of good things. Seems like it’s mostly focused on one specific EMR software. I think that’s one challenge that many people have. You want and need to find an EMR consultant that knows that specific software in and out. At least when you’re implementing the EMR or trying to optimize the hardware.

    One thing that seems to be missing from your list is actually implementing the change. It’s one thing to produce a report and another to actually assist in the changes.

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