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A lot of people have been asking me lately how long I’ve been blogging about EMR. It’s kind of hard for me to believe that I’ve been blogging about EMR for about 4.5 years. What’s even more crazy is that this is my 902 blog post on my EMR and HIPAA & EMR and EHR blogs. Not too bad for what started out as a Christmas break project.

What’s disappointing about all of these blog posts is that most people that visit the site only see the most current blog posts. Certainly some of the older blog posts aren’t worth reading (ie. some of my initial stimulus money posts). However, many others are just as relevant today as they were 4 years ago (don’t ask me if this is a good or a bad thing).

So, I think every week or so I’m going to do a blog post linking back to some of my old posts that people probably haven’t read before. Plus, I’ll look at some of the previous posts and do updates to those posts to highlight any new information we have on those subjects.

However, since this is my first look back post, I thought I’d highlight some unique ways to read content on my site.

EMR Tags:
Tags are a really cool way to read and find content about a specific topic. I try my best to be good about tagging posts appropriately. For example, here’s a list of links that include posts I’ve done and tagged with a certain keyword:
Meaningful Use
Certified EHR
EMR Stimulus
EMR Selection
EMR Implementation
You’ll find more links like this at the bottom of every post I do.

EMR and HIPAA Search:
There are 3 ways to search through all my posts on the site.
EMR and HIPAA Search – This is the built in search function that comes with the site.
EMR and HIPAA Google Search – This is the embedded Google search feature that will actually search across both EMR and HIPAA & EMR and EHR.
EMR and HIPAA Archive – This is a list of all the EMR posts I’ve done along with links to the posts By Subject and By Month.

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John Lynn

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