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Last time I took a second to recognize the advertisers on EMR and HIPAA I was just starting my planning for HIMSS 10. Now, HIMSS 10 isn’t much more than a spec in the rear view mirror. It’s amazing how time flies. Well, at this point I’m even more grateful for the companies that support this website as advertisers since I’m now a full time entrepreneur. Luckily, I think that the advertisers are happy with their investment in this site as well.

On that note, here’s a quick look at some new companies that have started supporting EMR and HIPAA since my previous post.

Practice Fusion – I must admit that I was really happy when i got the email from the people at Practice Fusion saying they wanted to advertise on EMR and HIPAA. I’ve said previously, that I think they’re the closest company to a pure internet startup company that I’ve seen in the EMR world. As a nerd, internet startups fascinate me. Mostly, I was glad to see that a company that understands Web 2.0 finds value on advertising on my site.

My personal musings aside, Practice Fusion was the first company I found that offered a free EMR. I’ve often written lengthy posts about their Free EMR model and SaaS EMR in general. You’ll find few companies more passionate about SaaS EHR. They also offer an interesting “Live in Five” program which commits to having you signed up and charting in Practice Fusion in 5 minutes. Once I have 5 minutes of free time, I’m planning to take that challenge and see what happens.

Digi Recs – Digi Recs (officially Digital Records, Inc.) is the first document imaging company to join as an advertiser. They’re a relatively new entrant to healthcare document imaging, but have a long history of document imaging with Fortune 500 corporations, small/ medium/ large size healthcare practices, hospitals and government agencies.

Digi Recs is happy to work with those that are pre-EMR with ongoing scanning or post EMR implementation scanning all your old paper records. I did this in our clinic and I can’t imagine anyone who tries to scan the old paper charts by themselves. A scanning service like this is so smooth and frees up all that paper chart space. Digi Recs is also interested in working with EMR companies who want to offer these scanning services.

EMR Jobs Promotion – I also am running a short promotion this week for EMR jobs. This week they’re offering 50% off a 1 year subscription job post plan with the promo code SAVE50.

I also want to thank those advertisers that have recently renewed their advertisement on EMR and HIPAA: Sfax, Sequelmed, The Drug Company, and MxSecure.

As a side note, the ad in the 7th slot down in the sidebar will be available for new advertisers on 5/1/10. You can see all the details about advertising on EMR and HIPAA here.

I’m also interested in looking at other opportunities to present on the EMR stimulus, EMR Selection or EMR implementation similar to this presentation I did in Austin on the EMR stimulus. Drop me a note on my Contact Us page if you’re interested.

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John Lynn

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