Meet Our Newest HITT Squad Blogger – David Kushan!

It’s great to be a part of the HITT Squad blogging team.  I want to thank Gwen for the opportunity to share some of my personal experiences and our firm’s observations as we have worked with Healthcare IT organizations and Healthcare IT professionals over the last 16 years.  Gwen has done an outstanding job in developing Healthcare IT Central into a very valuable resource to the Healthcare Technology industry and it is great to become colleagues!

When you think about it, the world of hiring and making career moves seems simple enough.  Job seekers look to find positions they can excel in, while growing professionally in a culture they can be comfortable within.  Companies look to hire good people that can perform to the jobs’ expectations and fit within the company culture.   How difficult can it be?…..Pretty darn!

There is a lot of “art” to finding the right person to hire as well as making a great career move.  But there is also a lot of science.  What I have found is that when the science is performed optimally, it is a lot easier to get the “art” part right!  What I hope to do is point out a lot of the good and bad science that our firm sees on a day to day basis.  And hopefully I will do it in a way that is simple to follow and will bring a ton of value to those reading.

Just a warning, when I use the word “science,” I am not referring to statistical analysis certified by a large national public accounting firm.  I am referring to the simple observations I see over and over again that result in successful long term hires.  I am also referring to the simple observations I see over and over and over and over (I could write a few more overs) that end up in “not so good” hires and a lot of wasted time energy for everyone involved.

I welcome and am looking forward to everyone’s thoughts and input!

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David Kushan

David Kushan is the President of Healthcare IS and has spent the last 18 years of his career working in the Healthcare Information Technology industry assisting over 120 healthcare organizations nationwide. Visit for Dave’s company blog, articles, podcasts and more.

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  • David,

    Welcome to the team! I look forward to you sharing your insights, experience, and secret tips to help both Healthcare IT candidates and employers succeed!


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