Would You Let Your CMO Do This?

I know I shouldn’t post 2 humorous posts in a row (Yes, my Extormity EHR post was a joke), but you’ll have to forgive me. I just couldn’t resist. Go and read this post that has the CMO of Practice Fusion calling out Greek Philosopher, Archimedes (Thanks Michelle W for sharing it).

Now, ask yourself the question, would your CMO write a post like that? More importantly (and interestingly) would your EMR vendor post something as tongue and cheek as that?

Honestly, that’s one of the things I love most about Practice Fusion. They’ve imbued an incredible sense of culture in that company and there’s an energy about it that I just love. As an internet startup junkie, maybe that’s why it feels so familiar. I don’t really know, but it’s definitely a different type of EMR vendor.

I’m still on the fence on the product that Practice Fusion has delivered so far, but I can tell you that this is one EMR vendor that I’d love to work at.

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John Lynn

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  • That last line about working for PF is similar to my feelings on Google: I’m on the fence on how “not evil” they really are, but getting to ride around on a segway through work is sure tempting. Practice Fusion certainly exudes a certain air of fun through their blog that makes you feel good about them. My favorite part has to be the reference to a “tricked-out Prius.” Oh, the mental images it conjures ….

  • We’re a bunch of nerds here – and it shows! Practice Fusion takes its EHR work incredibly seriously, but the team maintains a sense of humor. We invite anyone to schedule a visit at our San Francisco office if they’d like to learn more about our company and system.

    Practice Fusion EMR

  • Is that why I like you so much? I’m a bit partial to nerds since I am one myself.

    I’ll definitely keep you on my list if/when I’m in San Fran.

  • I have had over 20 years of technology experience including doing multiple s/w start-ups myself. I have also had my share of interactions with Salesforce, which I believe Practice Fusion shares much of it’s biz model and “personality”. It’s great that there is humor in a business that is sometimes too serious. With that said, when I speak to providers, I usually get a bit of suspicion for any EHR that has a free option (with ads). I don’t recommend Practice Fusion because I tend to share similar views. Is Practice Fusion way the future of EHR or more of a “flash in the pan”?

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