Wake up Call: The Healthcare IT Job Market is Improving

The market for job growth is looking much better. Many of us have been writing about this subject for months – and soon the feeding frenzy will begin for top shelf  HCIT talent. While superstar candidates might be thinking about making a move, the market is telling us that things are definitely improving. And the uptick is even brighter in HCIT. Our market is very hot! This study released this week by Careercast.com is another key indicator that if you are considering making a career move – get ready to rumble!

This is the time to review your resume and to start reaching out to your network of contacts. Touch each of your contacts on a regular basis and not just when you need them. Get ahead of the curve and be proactive in your search. Have a plan and work on it every week if you are serious about making a change.

Here is the report:


The 2010 CareerCast.com <http://www.careercast.com/> /JobSerf Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, rose to 90.4 in March, climbing 7.1 points since February. It was the second month in a row that the Index showed headway in reducing unemployment. March 2010 hiring levels were more than double what they were a year ago (90.4 vs. 44.1). “It appears that a real rebound in hiring has started, but with the unemployment rate still at 9.7 percent, the battle for most of the
unemployed is far from over,” said Jay Martin, COO of JobSerf.

All cities showed improvement in managerial hiring this month. Leading the rebound in per capita hiring gains were Minneapolis (+21 percent), Milwaukee (+20 percent), Detroit (+17 percent) and Hartford (+17 percent). Cleveland (+2 percent) and Louisville (+3 percent) had very minor improvements in hiring. The top five cities for managerial recruitment activity remain Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Baltimore, and the cities with the lowest hiring activity are Tampa, Louisville, Detroit, Memphis and Riverside.

I know many of us are tired of hearing bad news – so I thought I would share some positive news for our readership!

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Tim Tolan

Tim Tolan is the Senior Partner of the Healthcare IT and Services Practice of Sanford Rose Associates. He has conducted searches for CEOs, presidents, senior vice presidents, vice presidents of business development, product development and sales. Tim is also the co-author of "The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition – Finding Talent Your Competitors Overlook," available on Amazon.