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Well, as you might have noticed, I decided to take the weekend off from the blog. I figured it was reasonable to take a weekend off after the craziness of HIMSS. I still have a ton of content from HIMSS 10 that I’d like to post. So, watch for more of that over the next couple weeks as well.

I thought a nice video to kick off the new week would be nice. This video is of Robin Daigh from MD-IT and Craig Mercure from MxSecure talking about their partnership with Verizon to create a really interesting health information exchange. I talked about this Medical Transcription Service Consortium previously, but it was really neat to talk about it in person with Robin and Craig (Full Disclosure: Both Robin and Craig advertise on EMR and HIPAA). I also talked with the CMO from Verizon about it and so more details on that to come later.

For now, enjoy what I think is an interesting play in the HIE space to bring together all the transcription companies and now anyone who wants to participate and start sharing clinical data.

This video coverage of HIMSS 10 sponsored by Practice Fusion and their Free EMR.

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  • Makes sense. Verizon’s FIOS system and other broadband information carriers are logical, powerful potential conduits of health information. Listening to Daigh and Mecure is instructive, but there’s a major part of the patient’s medical record that I still don’t hear HIE consultants discussing in any detail: the massive image files that make up a large part of patients’ records. From x-rays to pathology slides to radiology and beyond, we’re talking about enormous sized files that are critical to patient care. Storing, moving and accessing these images pose huge questions for HIT infrastructure.

  • Richard,
    No doubt there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to exchange large files like that. I like Verizon’s approach (which they kind of took from NHIN) to get all the “nodes” connected and talking to each other. Basically, let’s just get everyone connected to the network and exchanging data in any format they want. Then, we can start working on improving the data that their exchanging. I think this is a wise move.

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