Darling Reports: Live From HIMSS10 Day Three

My calendar says Day 3, but if you’d ask my feet they’d probably argue that it’s got to be at least Day 103. I’m beginning to have fantasies about my sneakers – that’s a bit frightening.  At any rate, the day had a very memorable beginning for many here in Atlanta – we awoke to snow!  It was a beautiful snow, the kind that comes down in big soft flakes and then disappears once it hits the ground – not really a big deal to the scores of HIMSS10 attendees here from the Northeast, but a big enough deal in Atlanta to close the schools and be featured as the “Breaking News Story” on the marquee scroll on all the local channels.  Personally, my morning started off with a blonde moment, when I realized that the reason the in-room coffee pot was “broken” was because I had forgotten to put water in it.  The nice young man who was sent up to replace the coffee maker was a good sport about it, although when I realized my mistake and said, “Oh geez, I’m an idiot,” he didn’t disagree with me.

To be honest, Day Three was a bit of a blur, and I’m learning the “don’t over-schedule yourself” lesson the hard way.  In total, I had scheduled six client meetings and four networking events.  Too much.  But it’s very difficult to resist the temptation to maximize this very valuable once – a – year chance to personally connect with all the people you try to contact via the phone or through email during the rest of the year.  Which is why my feet think its Day 103 because naturally, these meetings were spread all over creation.  But as I scurried from Exhibit Hall C to A to B and back to C again, I was amazed at . . . please continue reading on Healthcare Informatics!

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