HIMSS 10 Day 3

Today was a much more laid back day at HIMSS. I still had pretty much back to back meetings, but I’m learning little by little to manage the day at HIMSS. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m getting closer to managing this HUGE event.

In kind of a surprise meeting, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Shahid from The Healthcare IT Guy. We had a really good chat and I can see us working on a number of projects together. It’s been really interesting to meet people in person that you’ve only ever known online. A few times I’ve come away disappointed, but the opposite was true with Shahid. I couldn’t be more impressed with Shahid.

I had a number of really interesting interviews today and a meeting with the CMO of Verizon to talk about an interesting medical data exchange that they’re working on. It was really interesting to hear the vision of what Verizon and the group behind it are doing to make healthcare data exchangeable. I’ll be posting a lot more on this in the future, but you can see my original post about this consortium for some initial information. I have a video talking about the consortium and another video talking about the really neat technology behind MModal.

I also had a nice media lunch from HP. The food was great. The content was a little weak, but their talk of the thin clients was pretty useful for me in my day job. Little by little I’ve been getting more and more convinced that thin clients will be the future of desktop management. At least in any reasonably sized implementation.

Oh yes, and I have to mention the most incredibly tacky part of the lunch. While they were speaking, one of the media people’s phone rang. Not only did they not turn off the ringer, but he then proceeded to answer the phone in the middle of the meeting and was talking on the phone while the person was presenting. Then, after the call he got up and left. I was totally shocked that he really did that. Unbelievable!!

However, the event of the day without a doubt was the ONC town hall. It started off with David Blumenthal announcing that the details of accrediting the EHR certifying bodies (officially the NPRM on certification) were just released. You can find the details posted on the HHS website. I’ll be posting a lot more about this soon. ONC did a pretty lengthy question and answer and even a powerpoint on the new accreditation for EHR certifications. I’ll cover those details very soon.

I also met one of the people behind Fierce Health IT and talked about possibly working together on something. They really went all out to kind of make a splash at HIMSS and I must admit that they’ve come along way since they first started.

Lots of other things, but I better get to bed so I can make the Blumenthal keynote tomorrow.

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John Lynn

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  • People + phones (sometimes) = grrrr! In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude.”

    I’ll be interested to hear more about the town hall and the new accreditation process in particular. Did Dr. Blumenthal mention if they were posting the powerpoint somewhere?

  • Michelle, that was asked and they said they would put the power
    Point on the HHS website. Although, I haven’t seen it up there yet.

  • John – I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your thin clients comment. We currently use thin clients with Citrix, at almost all of our clients, but are looking at VDI solutions from VMware, Citrix, etc. Do you happen to have access to the slides from HP’s presentation? I would like to take a look at them.

  • Art,
    They actually didn’t use any slides at all. Just some HP PR blah blah blah and then 2 people actually talking about their experiences implementing it which was interesting.

    They of course also didn’t care whether you used VMWare or Citrix, but both of the people that talked about their implementations used Citrix.

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