HIMSS 10 Day 2

I’ve survived my second day of HIMSS. This is my first time to HIMSS and so I must admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed. Plus, it’s the first time I’ve been to a conference as “media.” I must admit that it’s really nice to be media at HIMSS. You get access to some things that you don’t normally get to access. Plus, the media room with food and internet has been great since I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone eat.

The problem I’ve had is that there just isn’t enough time while I’m there to write too much content. Plus, it gives me no time to really process the content. So, if you want my latest updates about HIMSS, you can find them on my EMR twitter page.

I went to town on Twitter during the CCHIT town hall. It should give you a good flavor for what the town hall was like. I’m sure I’ll take many of those tweets and make it into a post later. Tomorrow watch Twitter during the ONC town hall. That should be another good one. Also, the John Halamka session will probably be another good Twitter time for me.

Otherwise, the big events for me today was the “Meet the Bloggers” panel which was quite interesting. The coolest part was meeting the readers of this blog in person and also some of the bloggers that I’ve read as well. What’s pretty neat is when someone comes up to me and says, I read you. If you think about it, I have very little idea who actually reads what I write. So, it’s neat to see some actual people talk about your work.

I was also quite happy with how the New Media Meetup at the MEDecision party at the Aquarium went. The venue was fantastic, the food was even better and the people there were even better. My only problem was that I wish that we’d had more time. Although, Colbie Callait was on stage so I didn’t want to miss her either. It was a tough challenge to have. I do like partnering like this and it was nice to meet the people behind MEDecision as well. They are working on an industry model for HIE. I have a feeling their quietly going to be entering the HIE space in a big way.

Lots and lots more I could talk about. However, I’m going to go ahead and save those for future posts (likely next week). No need to overwhelm you with posts. We have plenty of time. I will tell you that I got 2 videos today of Evan Steele, CEO of SRSsoft and also Dr. Doug Fridsma from ONC about the NHIN and CONNECT. I wanted to post it tonight, but since the internet was down in my hotel it will have to be tomorrow or the next day. Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow there’s a lot on my agenda. The John Halamka and ONC sessions that I mentioned previously, a couple more EMR vendor interviews and of course another HIMSS New Media meetup from 4-5 at the MModal booth 1157 sponsored by MxSecure. Come win a free iPod touch at the meetup. Man, it’s going to be another full day. At least tomorrow I think I have an hour or so to check out the floor a little bit.

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