Various Clinical Workflows – Oncology in Particular

I’m always interested in interacting with the readers of this blog. Plus, I like to help people out that email me asking questions. Plus, I’m swamped preparing for HIMSS and putting the finishing touches on my EMR selection e-Book. So, here’s one that I think was more than worthy of a discussion:

I am concerned with some of the specialty medicine aspects of EMR, specifically those of Oncology. Do you think there would be room for discussion of the different types of workflows different types of practices face? I would love some outside views of how different Oncology practices plan to convert their workflows to an electronic form.

I am also interested in learning more about different in-house architectures.


I’d love to hear people’s comments about this as well. You know I think workflow is one of the keys to a successful EMR implementation. So, what type of special workflows have you created to make EMR work for a specific specialty? Has anyone had experience implementing an EMR in oncology? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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John Lynn

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  • John,
    I appreciate you bringing this issue to the attention of a larger audience. Since I posted that question, We have been hard at work on our oncology EMR, Ankhos.

    I have been learning a LOT about the practice of Oncology during our development. It seems that the Oncology regimens are the backbone of Oncology workflows.

    With this in mind, we have developed Ankhos with the mindset that most patient e-prescribing and scheduling flows from regimens. So, our major focus has been on regimen creation and creating patient treatment plans from those regimens.

    If you approve, I’d like to link to the video demo I posted just today showing how we do regimen creation in Ankhos, and how these regimens allow seamless e-prescribing and patient scheduling.

    Blog link

    Youtube link

  • I really appreciate ready the questions and responses to many of the issues faced today with moving from a paper chart to electronic record. I work for a software company that is working to keep up with all of the requirements in the unique field of renal dialysis. Renal Dialysis I have found is very different from the “regular” medical disciplines such as OB/GYN, Fertility, Urology and Pulmonary where I have previously worked as a medical assistant and/or biller.
    The requirements out there can be challenging to all disciplines to identify, interpret and ultimately code to ensure they meet the needs of the client, HIPAA, CMS etc.

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