My Major HIMSS 10 Event Plans

I’ll admit that I’m having an interesting challenge figuring out how to manage all of the various things I can do at HIMSS. I’m sure that many others have the same problem. Not to mention managing the mix of all the content that’s coming out and planning my own visit to HIMSS. A great problem to have I think.

For those who are interested in meeting me, here’s a couple places where you will be sure to find me at HIMSS 10:
HIMSS Meet the Blogger Panel – I’ll be on the panel on Monday, March 1st from 3-4:30. This is an incredible panel of people that I highly respect. This should be a really lively discussion.

New Media Meetups at HIMSS 10 – These events are shaping up to be really incredible events. Looking through the list of people who have RSVP’d for the kick off event, it’s going to be a really interesting mix of people. Not to mention Colbie Caillat singing, free food and some great free giveaways. Make sure you Register for the Kick Off Event on Monday, March 1st at the MEDecision party. Thanks to MxSecure and Pervasive for also sponsoring the other meetups.

I’d love to meetup with other people or if you’re an EMR vendor that’s doing something innovative let me know in the comments or drop me a note on my Contact Us page.

There are so many events I’m interested in attending. However, no doubt I’ll have some fun at the CCHIT Town Hall Meeting and I’ll be hoping that the David Blumenthal’s HIMSS Keynote is meaningful.

Are there any must see sessions or events? Let me know of any events you think I should attend and cover on this blog.

Also, if you’re interested in following my HIMSS 10 coverage, you can sign up for my EMR and HIPAA email list, check out my posts on EMR and EHR, and follow my tweets on my @ehrandhit and @techguy twitter accounts. It will basically be like you’re there with me.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Thanks for the “EMR and EHR ” link, I didn’t realize you had two blogs. And surely Dr. Blumenthal can participate meaningfully, isn’t that what everyone’s supposed to be doing now? Seriously, looking forward to hearing your and everyone’s feedback on HIMSS.

  • Glad to share the link. I didn’t mean to have 2 blogs, but a number of events just made it happen. Will work out well for HIMSS when I turn on the firehose of posts.

  • John, I also did not know you had two blogs. I enjoy reading your blogs. You are a straight shooter, which I appreciate. I have no time for bullsh*t.

    Be careful while participating at HIMSS Meet the Blogger Panel. HIMSS will have its spies in the audience gathering intelligence in order to ward off its bad publicity. Funny, they have a PR person on staff AND Corporate Counsel, but neither of them have been able to control the posts that are literally everywhere. And now they are on Senator Grassley’s hit list.

    Expect the most questions from HIMSS staff. In fact, if I were you, I would ask “How many people here today are HIMSS staff, HIMSS BOD, HIMSS EHRVA?”

    Warning: HIMSS never gives away anything for FREE. It is all about what YOU can do for HIMSS. They will ask a BIG favor of you in the future, probably the same one they asked you last year when Ernst Ostrand sent you that letter.

    I look forward to your posts at HIMSS10. Especially the one from CCHIT’s Town Hall meeting!

  • Thanks for the kind words and counsel BlueDogSpirit. Glad you like what I write.

    I’m not too worried about HIMSS people. The panel will be interesting since there are a few of us that are pretty outspoken online. However, I think they may have us talk mostly about blogging and not policies. Doesn’t mean that I won’t throw some policy examples in when I talk about the effect of blogging.

    HIMSS did give me a free Press access to the conference. So props to them for recognizing this blog as press. We’ll see if I pay the price later for that decision when the PR people blow me email up with emails. Luckily, I used a special email address which I can filter if needed.

    I’ll try to keep my posts from HIMSS real and valuable. I’m looking forward to the CCHIT town hall as well. Might want to follow me on Twitter for that one: @techguy and @ehrandhit

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